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This Vitamin Is More Effective Than the Flu Shot, Study Finds

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For years, Big Pharma has been pushing flu shots—and raking in almost $2 billion in annual revenues from them.1

But flu immunizations are mostly ineffective. A review of 51 studies found no evidence that the flu shot was more effective than a placebo. Other studies show the shot doesn’t work for over 80% of adults.2

This season, even the CDC admits the flu shot is lacking.… Read More

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Simple Way to Ease Depression: Sit Up Straight

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Some 10 million Americans suffer from mild to moderate depression.

Now, a new study has found that many of them could get at least some measure of relief simply by improving their posture.

Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand had previously performed studies that showed sitting upright instead of slumped reduces stress.

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Think You Have Asthma? There’s a Good Chance You Don’t

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It’s a common scenario: A person suffering from a persistent cough or breathing problems goes to the doctor. The doctor observes their symptoms and declares they have asthma.

The patient is put on long-term medication. They are told it will ease their symptoms or stop future flare-ups.

But an alarming new study shows that many of these patients don’t have asthma at all.… Read More

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CDC Warning: Deadly New Superbug Spreads Through U.S. Hospitals

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A lethal new health threat has arrived in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and nervous doctors—warn it is contagious, drug-resistant, and extremely deadly.1

Federal health officials report that 13 cases have already been confirmed. Four people are dead. And they fear the infection could spread quickly across the country.2

The fungus is part of the Candida family, Candida auris (C.Read More

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80-Year-Old Male Model’s Secret for Successful Aging

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Wang Deshun is widely known as China’s “hottest grandpa.” He burst onto the international fashion scene last year as runway model…at age 80.1

His chiseled body and energetic step seem like those of a teenager. As he struts on stage, women of all ages swoon and shout in adoration at the sight of his thin waist and broad chest.

Off stage, everybody has one question for Wang: How does he defy aging?… Read More

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Is the ‘5-Second Rule’ Scientifically Valid?

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It’s a time-honored rule followed by parents everywhere: If food is dropped on the floor, it’s OK to eat if it’s picked up in less than 5 seconds.

But does the “5-Second Rule” have any basis in reality? Does picking up food quickly thwart germ contamination?

A new university study tested the popular practice. Biologist Donald Schaffner conducted the research at his lab at Rutgers University.… Read More