This Spice Stops Cancer, Study Finds

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Prostate cancer is so common in the U.S. that screening is a standard part of men’s checkups. In India, prostate cancer is so rare that it’s not even a concern.

American men get 23 times more prostate cancer than men in India.

The story is similar for breast cancer. American women get five times more breast cancer than women in India.[1]

Here’s how the U.S. stacks up to India regarding other cancers:[2]

  • 17 times more lung cancer
  • 14 times more melanoma
  • 12 times more kidney cancer
  • 11 times more colon cancer
  • 9 times more endometrial cancer
  • 8 times more bladder cancer

Scientists believe they’ve discovered India’s anti-cancer secret: turmeric, the yellow powder used in curry dishes.

It is a staple food in the country. People in many parts of India eat it in every meal.

Now, new research shows how turmeric and curcumin, its active ingredient, stop cancer on a molecular level.

The study comes from Japan’s Nara Institute of Science and Technology. The research team looked at a molecule called pentagamavumon-1 (PGV-1). PGV-1 is very similar to a molecule found in curcumin.[3]

The study found that PGV-1 suppresses enzymes that protect cancer cells, causing the cells to die.

The curcumin-derived molecule was effective against a wide range of cancers.

Investigators implanted human cancer cells in mice. When injected with PGV-1, the rodents’ cancer was entirely destroyed.

Professor Jun-ya Kato lead the study. He said that considering the stunning effectiveness and “low amounts of side effects,” PGV-1 should be used to treat cancer.

Previous studies provide strong evidence that curcumin is powerful medicine against cancer:

  • UCLA researchers found in 2011 that curcumin activates cancer-fighting enzymes in patients with head and neck cancers.[4]
  • A 2013 study at the University of North Texas Health Science Center found that curcumin suppresses pancreatic cancer tumors.[5]
  • A 2006 study published in the journal Neuroscience Letters found that curcumin induces cell death in glioblastoma (brain cancer) cells.[6]
  • A Chinese study showed that curcumin makes stomach cancer less resistant to chemotherapy.[7]
  • A study at MD Anderson Cancer Center showed that curcumin slowed the progression of multiple myeloma (blood cancer).[8]

With all this evidence (and this is by no means a complete list) you may be wondering why curcumin isn’t widely prescribed for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Curcumin: India’s Anti-Cancer Secret

People in India get curcumin by eating turmeric at almost every meal. Most Americans are not willing to do this. That’s why, for most of us, curcumin supplements are the best option for cancer prevention.

Curcumin is safe for just about everyone. However, people taking blood thinners such as Coumadin (warfarin) should consult their doctor. Curcumin can increase the effect of Coumadin and other similar drugs.

Curcumin by itself is not easily absorbed by the body. Fat increases bioavailability. So taking curcumin with a meal that includes fat improves absorption.

In the war on cancer, mainstream medicine’s main weapons are surgery, chemo, and radiation. They often do more harm than good.

India clearly has a better answer…a safe, natural way to stop one of our deadliest health problems.

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