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6 Foods That Lower Testosterone

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Men often look for ways to increase their testosterone as they get older.

The male hormone can diminish with age. That leads to weaker muscles, lower energy levels, and flagging libido.

Some men fight the shortage by using supplements that increase testosterone. Exercise can also help. And of course, testosterone medications will raise “low-T.”[1]

But guys might not realize that they can sabotage their efforts by eating certain foods that lower testosterone…

1. Vegetable oil. Soybean, corn, and other vegetable oils are packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Studies show these fatty acids can lower testosterone. Stick with olive oil, which has monounsaturated fat. Another good alternative is coconut oil, which mainly contains saturated fat.[2]

2. Soy. Products derived from soy are chemically similar to estrogen. These include tofu, edamame, miso, and soy milk. As such, they can reduce testosterone. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that men who consumed soy protein isolate for 43 days had lower testosterone.[3]

3. Bread and pastries. A study in the journal Nutrients found a link between high bread and pastry consumption and reduced testosterone in men.[4]

4. Mint. Animal and human research suggests that the menthol in peppermint and spearmint adversely effects testosterone.[5] Another study found reduced testosterone in rats given peppermint tea for 20 days.[6]

5. Processed foods.  Since the discovery that they are extremely bad for heart health, trans fats are not as prevalent as they once were. But they are still found in a number of processed foods. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health recruited 209 male subjects. They filled out questionnaires about their diets. The subjects who ate the highest amounts of trans fats had 15% lower testosterone levels. Their sperm counts were 37% lower. And their testicles became smaller.[7]

6. Flaxseed. It is packed with fiber and healthy fats. Unfortunately, it’s also high in lignans. These are compounds that bind with testosterone. In that “captured” form, the hormone is excreted from your body.[8]

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