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These 5 Mistakes Steal Your Testosterone

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Most men think that low testosterone levels are a natural part of aging. Worse yet, they think there’s nothing you can do to stop it—other than risky, expensive hormone replacement therapy.

But here’s the thing… We all know men in their 60s—and beyond—who are in great shape. Their energy levels are through the roof. They can put most men in their 40s to shame.

How is this possible?

It’s simple. Testosterone levels aren’t supposed to drop significantly with age.

Researchers at the Endocrine Society recently busted this popular health myth. They followed more than 1,300 men. Most of them were in their 50s.

After five years, they observed an average testosterone decline of less than 1% a year. And even then, this trend was seen mainly among smokers and those who were overweight.1

So those “grandpas with guns”… The ones with endless energy and satisfied wives? They know how to keep their testosterone in the right range.

It’s not difficult. You just have to know the mistakes to avoid.

Here are five common mistakes that steal your testosterone:

  1. Going low-fat. Research shows that it only takes six weeks of reducing fat intake to lower your testosterone. Dropping the percentage of calories you get from fat from 40% to 25% can make you lose 15% of your testosterone.2

So if you have been one of the millions of people in the U.S. afraid to touch fat, your testosterone levels could be suffering. Try adding avocados, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter to your diet. These healthy fats set the table for natural testosterone production.

  1. Skipping sleep. Just a few consecutive nights of poor sleep can drop testosterone levels by up to 15%.3If you’re a night owl—or have sleep problems —the damage could be even worse over time.
  2. Drinking too much alcohol. A glass of red wine with dinner can help boost your health. But if you’re having more than two drinks a day, you’re helping your body convert testosterone into estrogen.That’s the female sex hormone. And it can be your worst enemy when it comes to beating the energy-drain that comes with low testosterone.
  3. Over-exercising.A study at the University of British Columbia found that long-distance runners—habitual over-exercisers—have at least 20% less testosterone than other men their age.5But it’s not just about exercising less. It’s about how you exercise.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) causes bigger testosterone spikes after workouts than steady-state running.6 It may not be as easy as a normal jog… But HIIT can cut your gym time in half—and help bring your testosterone into the optimal range.

  1. Eating soy. One study found that taking a soy protein supplement led to a 19% drop in serum testosterone levels in only two weeks.7>But avoiding soy isn’t always easy. It’s a filler ingredient in many processed foods. But “healthy” foods aren’t immune.

Most salad dressings—even organic ones—contain soybean oil. Make sure to read food labels to avoid this testosterone killer.

You don’t need dangerous hormone therapy to reclaim your youthful vigor. Knowing these testosterone-stealing mistakes is a great start. But there are even more natural ways to bring your levels up…

We’ll show you what they are tomorrow.

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