Big Pharma’s drugs won’t slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Now new research reveals this powerful antioxidant may. Here are four places to find it today…

Researchers Discover This Antioxidant can Stop Alzheimer’s in Its Tracks

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The news about this antioxidant just keeps getting better… Earlier this year, Health Watch readers found out it boosts your memory. Then you discovered it can help your body clear out damaging free radicals… That alone may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

That was just the beginning…

Researchers at the American Academy of Neurology just finished the largest and longest clinical study of this compound on humans so far.1 They followed 119 people with mild to moderate AD for a year. The team looked at how this antioxidant affects the protein amyloid-beta 40 (AB40).2 Scientists have noted that as AB40 levels drop, dementia gets worse and AD develops.

Subjects started with 500 mg of this compound each day. Every 13 weeks, researchers increased the dose by 500 mg. By the end of the study, participants were taking up to two grams twice a day.3

People in the placebo group saw a decline in AB40. But something astounding happened in the other group…

This antioxidant helped stabilize subjects’ AB40 levels. In other words… Using it today may help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Or help keep it from developing in the first place…

What is this brain-saving compound?

It’s resveratrol.

This news couldn’t be more welcome for the more than 3 million AD sufferers in the U.S… And their caretakers. Big Pharma’s “solutions” provide only temporary relief from symptoms. They can’t prevent Alzheimer’s nor can they stop the illness from getting worse.4 Plus, these drugs come with serious side effects like dizziness, insomnia, loss of appetite, and spikes in blood pressure.5

To start protecting your brain today, eat a variety of foods rich in resveratrol. Some of the best—and most delicious—sources of this powerful polyphenol are:

  • Blueberries
  • Dark chocolate (80% cacao or more)
  • Red grapes
  • Red wine

Remember to buy organic whenever you can. You’ll get the most out of your resveratrol-rich foods this way. Visit your local farmer’s market for the freshest, most nutrient-dense fruits available.

And if you want even more brain-protective power…

Look for a supplement with at least 25 mg of pure resveratrol extract. One that combines resveratrol with its close ally—pterostilbene—may give you an even greater effect.6

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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