This ancient tea of samurais is more powerful than green tea… It can protect your heart and reduce your risk of dying. Find out what it is.

The Tea That Is 10 Times Healthier Than Green Tea

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Samurai warriors drank it for lasting energy on the battlefield. And modern science shows that it can protect your heart as you age.

Matcha (pronounced MA-cha) tea comes from young green tea leaves grown in the shade. It packs much more antioxidant power than standard green teas. Studies have shown the potent brew lowers inflammation and even helps kill cancer cells.1

Japanese scientists found that people who drink five cups of regular green tea a day are up to 25% less likely to die from heart disease.2

And that’s just from regular green tea… Remember, matcha is much more concentrated. You’d need only half a cup a day of matcha to get the same powerful heart benefits.3

Don’t know where to find matcha? Just ask for it at your local tea shop or health food store. Make sure it’s free of heart-killing sugar. You want pure, organic matcha powder. If you can’t find it there, it’s easy to order a bag online. You’ll find that it tastes much like regular green tea, but slightly stronger.

Drinking matcha tea is a great step toward cardiac health. And if you want to know if you are currently at risk for a heart attack, discover the little-known test that detects heart disease quicker than the ones used in every doctors’ office and hospital across the country… And how a natural “warrior extract” can treat it without any toxic statins or dangerous surgeries.

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