Reduces Your Cancer Risk

8-Minute Secret Reduces Your Cancer Risk Up To 50%

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We’ve told you before that this vitamin helps you live longer. Now new research shows it cuts your risk of dying from colon cancer…the second most lethal cancer in America.1 And we don’t mean by a percentage point or two…

Getting more D3 can reduce your risk of colon cancer death by up to 72%.2

Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute tested the effects of D3 levels in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. They found patients with higher blood levels averaging 27.5ng/ML survived about eight months longer.3 But here’s the thing…

Their “high levels” of D3 weren’t high at all. They averaged out to 27.5 ng/mL. But Health Watch readers know the ideal range for D3 levels is between 40-60 ng/mL.[iv] That’s about twice what this study considered high.

They also found having your D3 levels at around 34 ng/mL dropped the risk of ever getting colon cancer by 50%.5 Researchers propose 46 ng/mL of this vitamin can lower your odds of developing this cancer by 66%. Imagine how much lower your risk could be if you keep your levels at 60 ng/mL.

D3 is easy to get. Yet half of the world’s levels fall short.6

Dr. Edward Gorham was the head researcher of this study. He recommends varying your sources of vitamin D3. Get it from foods like wild-caught salmon and mushrooms. Natural supplements from whole food sources are another good choice—as long as you’re getting 5,000 IUs a day. But the sun is your best source of it.

Experts suggest just an hour a week of direct sun exposure provides all the natural D3 you need.7 That’s about 8 or 9 minutes a day. Spending a few extra minutes a day in the sun is an easy way to help stay cancer free—or even live longer with the disease. But it’s not the only natural way to fight it off…

For example, Carol R., a retired schoolteacher. Carol’s breast cancer diagnosis came in 2009.

Mainstream treatments scared her. So she went to a specialized health facility in Wichita, Kansas for an alternative therapy.

Now she says, “Not only is the cancer gone from the inside, everything has improved…head to toe…skin, nails, hair, teeth, eyes…everything. I feel stronger than I did 20 years ago—which is amazing because I thought I was healthy then!”

For details on Carol’s treatment and others who’ve tried it, go HERE.

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