Himalayan Sea Salt

5 Best Replacements for Table Salt (They Taste Better Too)

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We’ve told you before you should aim to eat 1,500-2,300 mg of sodium a day.1 But the FDA wants us all eating less of it. They claim it’s a big factor in cardiovascular disease. Yet research shows otherwise. It’s the table salt that’s doing us wrong. Big Food strips it of any health benefits…and then refines it with chemical additives.

Don’t skip salt. Upgrade it instead. Here are five swaps loaded with health benefits and taste…

1. Sea Salt: You can find it on almost anything nowadays…like chips, popcorn, and even chocolates. It’s not enough to make most of these snacks healthy… But eating this salt comes with major health benefits. That’s because sea salt contains 82 different nutrients.2 Unlike table salt, this one is rich in magnesium that helps prevent inflammation.3

Some experts even suggest gargling with it.4 Just add a half teaspoon of it to warm water. This protects your mouth against bacteria buildup. It may also help ease symptoms of upper respiratory infections.

2. Himalayan Salt: This is one of the purest organic salts around.5 They still mine it by hand. This pink salt has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties.6 Part of the reason for this is Himalayan salt contains 84 essential minerals your body needs to function.

This helps balance your pH levels. Having a normal acid to alkaline ratio can maintain overall health…from digestion to immunity.7 But even better? This salt may help you prevent Alzheimer’s. It slows the aging of brain cells. Using Himalayan salt also helps ease acid reflux and heartburn. This can reduce your risk of developing serious diseases…like Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer.8

3. Kosher Salt: You don’t have to follow kosher guidelines to eat it. Kosher salt has a structure similar to table salt…but with none of the additives.9

It’s also a good alternative for cooking—especially for curing or cooking meats.10 But it’s coarser than table salt so it absorbs more moisture. Using kosher salt helps you control your overall sodium intake. That’s because it contains less sodium than the same measurement of regular table salt. And you won’t notice a difference in taste.

4. Hawaiian Black Lava Salt: These tropical crystals are infused with coconut shell charcoal.11 That’s why they’re black. Sounds unappetizing…but it has a smoky flavor you might enjoy. Seafood, salads, and even dark chocolate go well with it. But it also gives this salt detoxifying properties. You can’t say that about plain table salt…12

You can also get a good amount of boron from eating black lava salt. It’s a compound that supports a healthy brain. Research suggests it boosts cognitive function.13 Like Himalayan salt, it may also play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s.

5. Grey Salt: People have been eating this salt from the Celtic Sea for around 2,000 years.14 Like sea salt, it also has 82 essential minerals. They’re vital for keeping your body performing at its best. This includes chloride. It makes up about 58% of grey salt.15

This important mineral also helps maintain your body’s pH levels and promotes a healthy digestive system.16 Eating grey salt may also help balance your blood sugar. Most likely because of its magnesium content. Health Watch Readers will recall it helps control glucose levels…and can lower diabetes risk by 33%.

Don’t let mainstream scare you away from salt. There’s no reason to avoid it…as long as it’s not table salt.

You can find most of these salts at your local grocer. But if not, they’re easy to get online. They tend to be pricier than regular table salt. But they’re also more potent in flavor. So you’ll use less of it to season your meals.


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