They may be you doctor’s first choice when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. But these deadly drugs could be raising your thyroid cancer risk 43%.

These Dangerous Heart Drugs Raise Thyroid Cancer Risk 43%

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Statins don’t work. But it’s not just that they’re ineffective. We’ve told you before they come with over 600 adverse effects. These range form calcifying your arteries to deteriorating muscle tissue. Now a new study reveals what could be the deadliest side effect yet…

They could be raising your risk of developing thyroid cancer.

Researchers at the Taipei Medical University Hospital in Taiwan wanted to determine if regular statin use affected thyroid cancer risk. That’s because several earlier studies suggested these drugs might—somehow—lower the risk of certain cancers… These include colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers.

Over the course of three years, they found men’s thyroid cancer risk raised 28% with regular statin use. But women’s risk was significantly higher. Theirs came in at 43%.

Even more disturbing is that statin use didn’t have to be regular for risk to increase… Some people used these drugs intermittently. Others took them for less than two consecutive months. But that didn’t matter much. Just using statins at all raised their odds of developing thyroid cancer by 35%.1

It doesn’t surprise us.

Research from Canada pointed to a 28% increase of developing any cancers after 2.7 years of statin use. And that was 15 years ago.2 The problem is studies like these don’t get much attention. These drugs are making Big Pharma billions of dollars every year. Pfizer alone has made over $12 billion from statins.3

It’s why you won’t hear much about studies showing they can double the risk of breast cancer…4 Some forms by as much as 104% in women between 55 and 74.5

But there are natural ways to help protect your heart… And avoid statins.

Lifestyle factors like diet and exercise can reduce your risk for a first heart attack by up to 86%.6 Try adding more high-fiber fruits and vegetables to your diet. Artichokes, blackberries, and peas all have more fiber than inflammatory grains.

Something as simple as eating an apple every day may help lower your LDL cholesterol by 40% in just four weeks.7

And recently, a researcher came to us with a heart-saving “sacred tonic” his own father used to balance his cholesterol. His father’s chest pains faded away…his energy levels soared…and he was able to get off his cocktail of dangerous heart prescriptions.

Once we dug into the studies on this tonic we discovered its ability to improve heart health by protecting it from cholesterol buildup…lessen the thickening of arteries so blood can flow more freely…and reduce high blood pressure.

We asked the researcher to tell you his story. Discover more about this sacred tonic, HERE.

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