The Top 5 Reasons to Add Garlic to Everything

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Of course, most people eat garlic purely for the taste.

But flavor is just the beginning when it comes to this herb’s benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons you should pile plenty of garlic on every dish that hits your dining table…

1. It could help you stay cancer-free. Eating garlic twice a week can lower the risk of lung cancer by 44 percent.1 And one study found that a compound in garlic is one of the few things that can kill the most lethal type of brain tumor. In this case, the compound was injected. But still…what power!2

Researchers looked at studies involving over 100,000 people. They found that eating high amounts of garlic substantially lowers the risk of prostate cancer. In one of the studies, garlic killed prostate-cancer cells.3

Garlic belongs to the allium family of vegetables. This group also includes leeks, shallots, and onions. Several of the studies discussed here revealed the benefits of this whole family of vegetables, not just garlic. Not big on garlic’s flavor? You might seek its advantages in some of its relatives.

2. It’s a proven bone-helper. Women who eat diets packed with garlic have stronger bones. Researchers in England compared diet patterns with X-ray images. They found that the hip joint showed fewer early signs of osteoarthritis with a garlic-heavy diet.4

3. It kills dangerous bacteria. It seems like we’re always hearing about some kind of food poisoning outbreak. Little known fact? Garlic could help protect you from the sneaky bacteria that can cause this type of illness. In one study, the herb was 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics in treating one of these awful—yet common—bacterial illnesses.5 And it’s not only stomach bugs it can kill…

4. It could protect you from the common cold. Garlic’s not just for warding off vampires. Eating garlic can ward off the number of colds you get.6 Its anti-inflammatory properties help heal allergic rhinitis and its antibacterial compounds treat throat irritations.

5. It’s a serious friend to your heart. A group of researchers at Emory University School of Medicine found that a component of garlic oil helped protect the heart after a heart attack and during surgery.8 Another team determined that garlic oil has “significant potential” for protecting the heart from cardiomyopathy in people with diabetes.8 Garlic can also help lower both cholesterol and blood pressure.9

Loading up on the herb will go a long way to protecting your health from multiple angles. How many meals can you can add garlic to this week?

Are you looking to get really serious about reaping the benefits of garlic? The best protection comes from eating it raw. Heating garlic reduces its effects. If you can’t stand the flavor, look for a supplement. But not one that’s been heavily heat-processed.

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