Aronia Berries

The Antioxidant Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard Of

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You already know that dark berries—think rich reds, purples, and blues—are essential to a healthy diet. They’re full of antioxidants that fight free radicals and guard against disease.

But one berry really stands out. Its ORAC value is three times higher than blueberries and blackberries.1 ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This is a measure of how well a food or nutrient fights free radicals. The higher the number, the stronger the food’s antioxidant power.

Scientists and nutrition experts alike celebrate it for its cancer and virus-fighting abilities. It’s valued for giving strong protection to the heart and liver.

There’s just one problem… Experts describe it as “underused.”2 The result? You probably haven’t heard of this berry.

So what is this superstar food that’s managed to fly under the radar for so long?

Aronia berries.

A team of researchers in France recently found that aronia berry juice induced relaxation in the coronary arteries.3 This helps the arteries expand in diameter. Your blood flow increases without putting strain on your heart.

Aronia berries also help your heart by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels.4,5 But the benefits don’t end there. Not by a long shot…

The aronia berry also has amazing flu-fighting powers. In fact, its antiviral properties work against several flu strains. Which ones? Well, for example, there’s a common strain that’s developed resistance to Tamiflu.6 But not to this powerhouse berry.

Not only that. It fights cancer too. This tiny fruit has proven effective against cervical cancer7and leukemia cells.8 It also played a protective role in patients with breast cancer in one study.9

Aronia berries have high antioxidant and tannin contents. This gives them a distinctive taste. We strongly suggest you consider giving them a try. The berries are available fresh and frozen. They are also sold as juices and supplements.

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