Formula Activates Natural Killer Cells in Cancer Patients

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Research now shows there could be one solution for many types of cancer. It’s a mushroom ingredient…and experts say it can activate natural killer (NK) cells in patients.

The proof comes from Hiroaki Nanba, Ph.D. He’s a professor of microbial chemistry at Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan. And he’s the world’s premier medicinal mushroom researcher. He’s written four books…and helped discover this formula.

“We administered (the mushroom) to cancer patients without anticancer drugs,” he says. “(It) appears to repress cancer progression.”

Memorial Sloan-Kettering is one of the world’s premier cancer centers. Their experts are also recognizing the anticancer effects of this formula. They’ve completed trials that show it helps breast cancer patients.

“(It) demonstrated antitumor effects,” they say. “Extracts are available to “enhance immune function” and to treat cancer.”

So what is this mushroom formula? And how well does it work? Read on to see the answers.

King of Mushrooms

The formula is called maitake D-fraction. It comes from the maitake mushroom…known as the “king of mushrooms.”

Dr. Nanba performed his study on patients with a variety of cancers. His results were promising.

Overall, 86.4 percent of the cancer patients he treated saw an increase in NK cells. Those cells target tumor cells and destroy them.

It even worked well for some of the most dangerous cancers.

“(It) is capable of enhancing and maintaining NK cell activity in patients with lung and breast cancer,” Dr. Nanba says.

Dr. Nanba says it’s most effective against breast cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer. Significant improvements were seen in 11 of 15 breast cancer patients…12 of 18 lung cancer patients…and 7 of 15 liver cancer patients.

“The results suggest treatment of severe or late-stage cancer patients with D-Fraction,” he says.

The Many Forms of Maitake

It’s important to get a quality maitake product. It will help ensure you’re protecting your immune system…and boosting NK cells.

The best formulas combine maitake powder and D-fraction. The powder offers powerful antioxidants to support immune function. And D-fraction has the immune stimulating effect because it contains beta-glucan. Scientists have proven it activates the immune system.

Maitake D-fraction is available in liquid and tablet form in health food stores. Most doctors say a quality formula yields at least 15 mg of D-fraction…and 500 mg of maitake powder.

You can also try the dried mushroom itself. Experts say to have three to seven grams a day. Maitake mushrooms are available in most grocery stores.

There’s a high-quality maitake formula that’s soon to be released to the market. We’ll let you know when it comes out…and where you can find it.

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Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”