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You may have heard that the US Department of State (DOS) is taking action on the hazardous mercury that’s all around us. But not much action…

DOS has made its position clear on mercury at a public meeting led by Deputy Special Representative Dr. John Thompson.

He says the DOS will tackle mercury in amalgam fillings…but not anytime soon.

“There is enough evidence about this issue to phase it DOWN,” says Dr. Thompson. But he stresses that…”we don’t mean phase OUT.”

That phase down won’t begin until 2020 at the earliest…and possibly as late as 2030.

So…why the delay?

Dr. Thompson says the first thing the DOS needs to do is study good alternatives to mercury. But plenty of doctors say this is unacceptable.

One such doctor is David Kennedy. He’s a 20-year dental surgeon…advisor to the WHO on dental health health…and is on the board of directors for the San Diego County Dental Society.

He says this doesn’t help the 122 million Americans with mercury fillings already in their mouth. And he says further studies on good alternatives are just a tactic to keep mercury fillings on the market for the next decade or more.

“Using the excuse of alternative materials to further delay protecting the public is illogical,” he says. “Safe alternatives to mercury fillings have already been used for more than 20 years.”

So stay with us as we uncover the toxic risks behind mercury fillings…and reveal one solution to protect you from modern toxins.

Falling Prey to Mercury

Dr. Kennedy isn’t the only doctor speaking out against the DOS decision.

Dr. David Simone is a dental surgeon from Northbrook, IL. He’s also the chairman of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

He says the DOS decision “is designed to keep placing mercury amalgams in all populations for another 20 years at least.”

And he says dentists need to be “mandated to stop using silver fillings to plug cavities.”

That’s because mercury poisoning can be a real hazard to health and there’s plenty of research to support this.

  • Saudi Arabia doctors just finished a study that shows mercury fillings may damage your kidneys.
  • Finnish doctors have shown they damage heart health.
  • And a Colorado study shows mercury may even cause hearing loss!

And that’s just three studies out of literally dozens. They all link mercury poisoning to brain problems, nerve damage, headaches, fatigue, impaired sexual function, depression, and vomiting. (See “Studying Up on Mercury” box for more specifics.)

Studying Up on Mercury

There’s plenty of evidence about the dangers of mercury. Literally dozens of studies link mercury fillings to sickness.

Here are just two:

1. A study from the Rocky Mountain Research Institute study linked mercury fillings to depression. Researchers took a group of people suffering from anxiety and paranoia and split the group in two. The first half had their mercury fillings removed and replaced with non-mercury fillings. The other half had their fillings capped with a placebo “sealant…”which means their fillings still contained mercury. At the end of the study, researchers found that the people with replaced fillings had big improvements in mood. The group with the “sealant” saw no improvements.

2. Another study looked at a group of people with multiple sclerosis. 71 percent improved after removing their fillings. The conclusion? Mercury may cause auto-immune diseases.

Doctors Take on Toxins

“The mercury in amalgams is a neurotoxin,” says Dr. Simon. “And pro-mercury dentists are placing it an inch from your brain.”

And Dr. Hyman agrees. He’s a Massachusetts doctor on the Board of Advisors of Georgetown University. He’s seen many patients with mercury poisoning.

“Mercury is the most alarming, disease-causing source of environmental toxicity that I see in my practice,” says Dr. Mark Hyman. “Many of my patients have toxic levels of mercury.”

He’s also personally suffered from mercury poisoning.

“I felt weak, tired, and couldn’t think,” he says. “I had muscle pain and twitches, insomnia, and anxiety. It was only by discovering mercury in my hair and urine — and slowly detoxifying — that I was able to get better.”

He says that if you’re tired, depressed, or plain worn out, it’s possible you’re suffering from mercury poisoning. That’s because it wears down your immunity and poisons your system.

Chewing on Toxins

Science tells us that mercury poisoning is very real. And some silver fillings contain up to 50 percent mercury. Dr. Hyman says these types of fillings can expose you to up to 17 micrograms of mercury every day.

And a Swedish study conducted by Dr. Anders Lindvall backs this up. His study investigated how fillings affect health.

His results clearly linked fillings to chronic fatigue. He began his study in 1990 while still at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden and tested 796 patients with amalgam-related illnesses.

His results showed mercury deposits in white blood cells. He then removed and replaced the amalgams with non-mercury fillings.

One year later, he reported that 70 percent of those patients enjoyed improved health. His conclusion was simple…Silver fillings damage health; removing them improves it.

The Mercury Invasion

As you’ve seen…fillings are one of the biggest sources of mercury. But there are plenty of other sources of this heavy metal.

According to Dr. Hyman, it’s found in beauty products and contact lens fluids. It’s also in batteries, red tattoo dye, and even light bulbs.

We recently did an Undercover that shows flu shots and vaccines are also loaded with mercury. And Dr. Thompson says DOS has no plans to tackle this source at all. You can read more about why vaccines are such a profitable and deadly source of mercury here.

So between all these different sources of mercury it’s important you take steps to limit your exposure to toxins.

Protect Yourself from Toxins

Amalgam fillings are a big source of mercury poisoning so it may be smart to have them removed. But Dr. Hyman has some words of caution about this.

“Going to a dentist who drills out your fillings can lead to serious health consequences,” he says. “I strongly advise against it. However, amalgam filling removal can be done safely by a dentist trained in the technique.”

And there’s a new way to power up your immunity.

It’s a new formula that helps your immune system function better. This formula will activate cells that help your body run more efficiently.

We’ll be telling you more about this over the days ahead…so keep an eye on your inbox.

Wishing you good health,

Ian Robinson

Editorial Director, NHD “Health Watch”


  1. i enjoyed the article on mercury, but i wish you would address the problem of the alternative materials for fillings. I understand that until recently the alternative contained BPA. How can we protect ourselves from dangerous alternative fillings?

    1. Thanks for your comment, David.

      We plan on looking into the alternative fillings in the future…and come to a final consensus on what the best action is to take. Right now, mercury seems to be the biggest health hazard in our mouths.

  2. I am so glad that someone is finally speaking out about mercury fillings. We all know its bad for us. I have had all my silver filling remove as an adult. My dentist does not put silver in for fillings anymore. She uses an alturnative material that works just as well and is not harmful to humans. Even though I’ve had my silver removed I still have mercury in my body because of how long its been in my mouth. I’m sure the reason why its taking the goverment so long to change this is because some big company stands to lose money. Thats all it ever comes down to.

  3. What is the Dept of State doing getting involved in this?
    They exist for international diplomacy. I wish someone
    would explain this.

    We ought to continue turning the screws on the FDA to get
    them to finally outlaw mercury.

  4. what I want to know is why we have allowed dentist to pump us full of 2 toxic metals mercury and floride. And convince our government that these are good for our health. Maybe good for their pocketbooks and then helps out other doctor’s pocket books because we all become sick. Now when I go to my family doctor I think I am going to my local drug pusher. His only answer to what ails me is in pill form. Thus helping out another group of doctors the pharmasist. Maybe all we need are good nutritionist and decent food to eat that isn’t tainted by the fertilizer companies that are also genetically messing with our food for the good of us all. Or maybe just for the good of there pocket books. Money makes the world go round.

  5. At Healthy-Living.com, there can be a list of other products they sell, other than their own. One of these is zeolite powder. It helps remove mercury from the body, and can be useful for those of us that cannot affort amalgam removal. I’m finding that it does help.

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