How to Have a Better Brain in 60 Minutes or Less

April 1st, 2015
It’s something we all wish we could get more of… And for good reason. Getting an extra 45–60 minutes of it a day can increase your learning and memory fivefold.

It’s the easiest way to help boost your brain health. Everyone can do it…even babies. And it’s not just a relaxing way to recharge… Doing it every day can improve your learning and memory.

Researchers in Germany gave subjects 90 single words to study. They also assigned 120 unrelated word pairs to memorize. So instead of “milk-cow,” they used ones like “milk-taxi.” This helped give more accurate results, since it eliminated familiarity. Each participant then took a memory recall test.

After finishing the test, half of the participants did this relaxing activity for up to 90 minutes. The others watched a movie. After, they performed a second memory recall test. The results? Subjects who did not watch a movie were five times better at remembering the word pairs. That means their associative memory improved.

It wasn’t that the movie made the one group’s memory worse… It’s that the other activity led to a major increase in cognitive performance. It took even less effort. Yet it’s something we all wish we could do more of.

What simple activity am I talking about?

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How to Cut Cancer Risk by More Than 50%

New research reveals exercise could be the most important thing you do to help avoid developing—or dying from—cancer.

Exercise isn’t optional when it comes to your best health. Truth is, it’s just as important as your diet for adding healthy, enjoyable years to your life. And it’s not just about losing weight, protecting your heart, or keeping strong bones…

Exercise may help cut your cancer risk in half.

How Your Doctor Could Be Giving You Diabetes

These common drugs aren’t just killing your good gut bacteria… Taking more than one round of them could be raising your type 2 diabetes risk by almost 40%.

Doctors use them to treat just about everything. Yet in the long run, they do more harm than good. Taking them can increase colorectal cancer risk by 11%.1 That’s bad enough. But new research reveals using antibiotics may also increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

The University of Pennsylvania studied over a million subjects. They looked at antibiotic use in 200,000 diabetics during the year before their diagnosis. Then they examined how these drugs affected 800,000 people without diabetes. And they found a disturbing link…

Five Heart Foods You’ll Actually WANT to Eat

Five Everyday Foods for Saving Your Heart

Doctors usually treat high blood pressure by pushing medications like beta blockers and Captopril. But popping these drugs every day can cause serious side effects… Things like depression and liver damage. Some antihypertensive drugs can even raise your death risk by 12.6%.1

That doesn’t sound like much of a solution. And trust me, I’ve gone head-to-head with my own doctor on this one. I struggle with keeping my BP in a healthy range. So if you’re like me, the 1-in-3 adults with high blood pressure,2 you’ll want to include these five everyday foods to keep it in check.