How to Gain Fat and Lose Weight at the Same Time

August 30th, 2015
Can the right body fat help you get lean? It sounds crazy… But new research shows how you can turn disease-causing fat into this metabolism-boosting kind.

There are fats you want to avoid eating… Like brain-draining trans fats. Then there are good fats that improve your health… Like avocado oil. And the same goes for the fats on your body.

White adipose tissue (WAT) is the unhealthy kind. Your body stores it when you eat more calories than you burn. Too much can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. But there’s another type of fat you want to gain more of. (Yes, you read that right.)

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat. You’re born with a good amount of it. It keeps us warm as infants. But we lose BAT as we age. This helpful fat is stored in smaller droplets than WAT… So it doesn’t have the same bulky appearance. In fact, it deposits in the areas of your body that don’t tend to look fat… Like your neck and shoulders.

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Fight Skin Cancer With These 5 Secret Remedies

Surgery and radiation aren’t the only ways to address skin cancer… Here are 5 secret ways to fight skin cancer without any pain.

You may think painful laser treatments are the best way to get rid of skin cancers. Or that dangerous radiation or chemo are the answers to melanoma. But there are harmless natural solutions hiding in places you’d least expect.

Here are five secret ways to fight skin cancer:

1) Apply This Weird Purple Fruit (yes…it’s a fruit)

Eggplants are potent, natural cancer-fighters. They have compounds in their skin called solasodine glycoalkaloids. In one study, it helped cure 78% of participants of basal cell carcinoma within one year.1

You’ll need to use a topical solution. That’s how to target the cancer cells directly. Eating eggplants isn’t enough. You can find creams online that contain 0.005% solasodine glycoalkaloids. Just like the solution from the study.

Misunderstood Vitamin Makes Your Spine Stronger

Getting more of this critical vitamin in your diet may be the easiest thing you can do to help protect your spine—and your independence—as you get older.

It’s a vitamin that protects your brain from the aftermath of strokeHelps you live longer… And prevents diabetes. Yet almost half of adults 50 and older aren’t getting enough.1 It could be a hidden cause of bone loss in the 54 million American with osteoporosis.2

Postmenopausal women with low levels are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis.3 That includes an increased chance of having weak vertebral bones.4 You want these bones to be as strong as possible… They protect your spinal cord.

Having weak vertebrae makes you more likely to suffer fractures and spinal cord injuries. Fractures aren’t just painful… They can cause you to shrink in height.5 Spinal cord injuries may lead to losses of skin sensation… Along with circulation, bladder, and bowel control.6

Sleep the Toxins Away to Save Your Brain

Learn the secret of sleep that helps your brain heal itself from toxins and stop one of the most serious degenerative brain diseases.

If there’s one thing most of us could use more of, it’s sleep. Many adults are lucky to get a full six hours of sleep each night.

And that could be doing you more harm than anyone ever realized…

A lack of sleep drastically erodes your overall health, even if you don’t “see” it happening. Not getting enough quality sleep leads to heart disease, obesity, rapid aging…and can destroy your brain.

The Real Reason You Still Crave Junk Food…

The urge to grab a candy bar when you’re stressed isn’t from a lack of willpower. There’s a two-faced hormone that could be leaving you no choice.

It’s been a long day. I deserve a cookie.

If you’ve ever thought that, you’re not alone. Even if you do your best to make healthy food choices most of the time… Everyone slips up.

But don’t blame yourself for not having enough self-control just yet… New research shows strong willpower may not be enough to stop your cravings for unhealthy snacks when you’re stressed.

5 Strange Signs You Need an Iron Boost Now

Iron deficiency can make you tired and pale. But that’s not all... Here are 5 more strange signs to look out for.

Iron deficiency anemia (IDA)—low iron in the blood—is common. About three million people have it in North America. It could lead to serious health problems… Like a compromised immune system and heart failure.1 The problem is, you may never see it coming… So it’s not surprising IDA winds up being the primary cause of almost 400,000 hospital visits a year.2

Deadly Drink Destroys Your Health by the Minute

Still drinking soda? It’s one of the hardest health-crushing habits to kick. But that’ll change once you discover what it does to your body in just one hour…

Last week, Health Watch readers discovered the new way diet soda is putting their health at risk. That doesn’t make regular soda any safer. In fact, British pharmacist Niraj Naik is speaking out to show the public how dangerous drinking it really is.1

The infographic he created reveals what drinking one can of Coca-Cola does to your body in just one hour… Minute by minute.

Sip Your Way to a Cancer-Free Thyroid

Drinking at least two this tea per week may be enough to lower your risk of thyroid cancer and other diseases by as much as 80%.

Researchers at the University of Athens have found a promising new way to protect your thyroid from cancer and other diseases… Just by adding a few cups of chamomile tea to your normal routine.

The team recruited 113 thyroid cancer patients, 286 patients with thyroid diseases, and 138 healthy controls.

They found people who drank chamomile tea for 30 years were 80% less likely to develop thyroid cancer and benign thyroid diseases.1 Health Watch readers may recall chamomile contains a compound called bisabolol oxide A (BSBO). It can shrink cancer cells within one day.2

This Oceanic All-Star Keeps Alzheimer’s at Bay

Vitamin B12 can keep you feeling younger as you get older. You could be lost without it. Getting enough of it is a real challenge. But this oceanic wonder has you covered!

Insufficient levels of B12 can actually make your brain get smaller with age.1 This can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s.2

But B12 can be a little hard to come by.

That may help explain why more than 47 million Americans are deficient.3 It’s tricky to get from food alone since not many foods have much B12. And some of the foods that are high in this vitamin aren’t exactly high on taste or appeal.

Big Food’s Favorite “Healthy” Fat Is Giving You Diabetes

This “healthy” oil is in everything from frozen meals to salad dressings. But research shows it may be putting you at risk for diabetes, weight gain, and worse.

First the FDA demonized saturated fats… Then they were quick to offer us bad advice about “healthier” replacements for them.

Like canola oil. The FDA says its unsaturated fatty acids are good for your heart.1 But toxic aldehydes from it can build up in your body. This could lead to heart disease and cancer.

And that’s not the only FDA-approved oil putting you at risk. A new study out of the University of California reveals this “healthy” vegetable oil is harder on your body than sugar…

5 Deadly Cancer Traps You Fall Into Every Day

Carcinogens are all around us… Even in our homes. Find out where five deadly cancer triggers are hiding—and how to avoid them.

Toxins are all around us. From air pollution to chlorinated pools… It’s hard to escape the chemicals in our environment. But even scarier than that? We may be exposed to even more of them in our homes. And the sooner you can identify them… The sooner you can start getting rid of them.

Here are five toxic cancer triggers hiding in your home.