Five Deadly Ingredients Hiding in Your Body Care Products

January 30th, 2015
Not all cosmetics ingredients are regulated. And 60% of what you use on your body ends up in your blood. Here are five skin care products hiding deadly chemicals.

Toxic ingredients hide in your skin care products. About 60% of them make their way into your blood and organs. That’s bad enough. But then consider…

The average American woman uses 12 products every morning. But that doesn’t mean men aren’t at risk. Most store brands pour toxins into their shaving, hair, and body products. And nobody is regulating any of it. So it’s up to you to read ingredients and know what to avoid to protect your health.

Here are five body care products hiding deadly chemicals:

1. SPF Suntan Lotion: Vitamin A—retinyl palmitate—speeds the spread of skin cancer when you apply it topically. And it’s in about 40% of sunscreens. The vitamin reacts safely in foods and many supplements. But it creates lesions and tumors when you apply it to your skin. To be safe, you should avoid retinyl palmitate in all skin and lip products.

Wear a hat or carry an umbrella instead. Cover your body with light fabric. Limit your outdoor activity when the sun is strong. Health food stores sell safer sun protection products. Choose a mineral blocker with zinc or titanium oxide. They can help protect against UVA rays. But they still let your body make vitamin D3 from sunlight.

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