TV Star in Her 30s Hit With Mini-Strokes: Make Sure You’re Not Next

October 6th, 2015
You may never see a stroke coming. Dancing with the Stars contestant Kim Zolciak is a prime example. She’s 37, fit…and a stroke victim. Find out how to avoid the same fate.

Reality TV star Kim Zolciak-Biermann is 37 years old. She’s slim and in terrific shape. She has the best dietitians, personal trainers, and medical care money can buy.

But that didn’t help her the day her left side went numb and she suddenly couldn’t speak…

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors confirmed she had suffered a series of mini-strokes. It may seem shocking for someone to have strokes at such a young age. But her experience is not at all uncommon…

Among Americans ages 15-44, the incidence of stroke has risen dramatically–by 23% in just 10 years.

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Reverse Nerve Damage With This Safe, Effective Solution

The amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine relieves pain from neuropathy.

It happens to diabetics and chemotherapy patients. It also happens to people suffering from auto-immune diseases, certain viruses, and nutrition problems. Sometimes you develop it just because you’re aging.

Your doctor’s name for it is neuropathy. It’s crippling, painful—and sometimes deadly—nerve damage.

Cut Breast Cancer Risk With THIS

A new study reveals yet another benefit of this kitchen staple: It slashes breast cancer risk by almost 70%. Find out what it is here.

Everybody knows a sensible diet is important to good health. But a new study finds that when you add an extra dose of olive oil to a healthy eating plan, something amazing happens…

Scientists in Spain had thousands of women between the ages of 60 and 80 supplement their diet with 4 extra tablespoons of olive oil a day.

Five years later, what they found was a true cancer-prevention game-changer: Few of the women in the study developed breast cancer. In fact, their risk had been slashed by a stunning 68%.1

5 Foods for Super-Fast Healing

Treating a stubborn cut or scrape with ointments and bandages will only get you so far… Eat these five foods for super-fast healing.

Does your skin take forever to heal? Even from the tiniest cuts, scrapes, and sores? You may not be getting the nutrients your body needs to mend.

These five foods can slash healing time:

1. Broccoli

You need vitamin C to repair damaged skin, form scars, and produce collagen. And broccoli is a great source. In fact, it has 90% more vitamin C than oranges.1,2 Plus, it fights cancer, thanks to sulfur compounds that make it smell pungent when it’s cooked a bit too long.3

The Tea That Is 10 Times Healthier Than Green Tea

This ancient tea of samurais is more powerful than green tea… It can protect your heart and reduce your risk of dying. Find out what it is.

Samurai warriors drank it for lasting energy on the battlefield. And modern science shows that it can protect your heart as you age.

Matcha (pronounced MA-cha) tea comes from young green tea leaves grown in the shade. It packs much more antioxidant power than standard green teas. Studies have shown the potent brew lowers inflammation and even helps kill cancer cells.1

Japanese scientists found that people who drink five cups of regular green tea a day are up to 25% less likely to die from heart disease.2

Researchers Discover This Antioxidant can Stop Alzheimer’s in Its Tracks

Big Pharma’s drugs won’t slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Now new research reveals this powerful antioxidant may. Here are four places to find it today…

The news about this antioxidant just keeps getting better… Earlier this year, Health Watch readers found out it boosts your memory. Then you discovered it can help your body clear out damaging free radicals… That alone may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

That was just the beginning…

Researchers at the American Academy of Neurology just finished the largest and longest clinical study of this compound on humans so far.1 They followed 119 people with mild to moderate AD for a year. The team looked at how this antioxidant affects the protein amyloid-beta 40 (AB40).2 Scientists have noted that as AB40 levels drop, dementia gets worse and AD develops.

This Crunchy Snack Slashes Your Diabetes Risk

Eating just a few handfuls of this snack a day may help tame your blood sugar.

New research suggests there may be a simple—and satisfying—way to help avoid diabetes in the first place.

A Spanish study reveals that eating this overlooked snack food may help you reduce metabolic risk markers. Things like insulin resistance and inflammation. Maybe even how your body processes the sugar you eat.

Researchers looked at 54 subjects for a little over eight months. For the first half of the study, subjects ate a control diet. About 55% of its calories came from carbohydrates and 30% came from fat. After a two-week washout period, they started the next diet. The numbers weren’t drastically different—50% of calories from carbs and 35% fat. But they were also eating about 60 grams of this tasty snack every day.1

The Spicy Secret to Fighting Prostate Cancer

Don’t wait until it’s too late… Start preventing prostate cancer now with this fiery compound in hot peppers. New research shows it rips apart prostate cancer cells.

You may recall reading in Health Watch that eating hot peppers may help lower your death risk by 14%.1 The compound that gives them their heat—capsaicin—even fights colorectal cancer.2

But that’s not all it does…

In 2006, researchers genetically modified mice to develop human prostate cancer cells. Then they fed them large doses of capsaicin.The highest doses slowed the growth of cancerous cells. And they left healthy cells unharmed. That’s because it knows how to target—and rip apart—the protective membrane of cancer cells only.3

5 Surprising Ways Egg Yolks Boost Your Health

Experts finally admit it’s time to stop fearing cholesterol… And start embracing eggs. Here are five surprising ways egg yolks are good for you.

The U.S. dietary guidelines have told us for years to watch our cholesterol.1 That meant staying away from eggs… Especially the yolks.2 Now experts admit eggs aren’t the problem.3 That’s because dietary cholesterol has little effect on cholesterol in the blood. According to Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, “We got the dietary guidelines wrong. They’ve been wrong for decades.”4

Here are five ways eating egg yolks boosts your health.

How to Keep Your Muscles Strong With Age

Are you worried about losing your strength as you age? New research shows these easy-to-find foods may help you prevent age-related muscle loss.

Losing muscle as you age can make you weak… It may even steal your independence. But new research reveals a simple way to help prevent this…

Researchers at the University of Iowa found eating two natural compounds may help you hold on to your muscle mass and strength. They’re called tomatidine and ursolic acid.

They fed elderly mice diets containing small amounts of these compounds. After two months, they discovered mice that ate either gained back 10% of their muscle mass. And their muscle strength increased by about 30%… It gave them back the muscles of younger adult mice.1

What You Need to Know About That Vitamin C Study

The mainstream is calling vitamin C an “exercise pill.” But is that the whole truth? Find out what the new study really found…and how you can benefit.

You may have seen the news about vitamin C around the web. Some articles suggest it could be a “replacement for exercise.”1 But is that true?

Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder wanted to see how the cardiovascular benefits of vitamin C stack up against exercise. They looked at its ability to lower endothelin-1 (ET-1) in overweight or obese adults.

ET-1 is a protein used to measure vascular health. High levels cause your blood vessels to constrict, putting you at risk for heart attack and heart failure.2,3And low levels indicate better blood vessel tone and improved blood flow.4