The Sugar That Fights Diabetes

November 25th, 2015
Looking for a natural way to balance blood sugar? The answer may be eating more of this type of sugar. It sounds crazy. But here’s how it could save your health…

Sugar is just about the worst thing a diabetic can eat, right?

Not always.

In fact, there’s a type of high-fiber sugar that actually stops diabetes.

It’s a natural extract found in certain Asian mushrooms. The Chinese have used it as medicine for more than 6,000 years. And modern research confirms it controls blood sugar… Even after sugary meals.

Keeping blood sugar in check is the most effective way to stop diabetes.

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The Superbug Threat You’ll Never See Coming

Deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs keep multiplying. And avoiding antibiotic drugs isn’t enough to stop them.

When it comes to urgent health threats, drug-resistant bacteria—or superbugs—probably don’t frighten people like cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s. But the WHO says they’re a “global crisis.” Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, calls them a “nightmare.”

These superbugs sicken 2 million Americans a year and kill some 23,000.1 The results can be tragic. Doctors watch helplessly as patients waste away from drug-resistant E. coli, C-Diff, and MRSA.

And it’s only getting worse.

This Natural Extract Fights Hypertension Without Putting You at Risk

Your doctor will probably push an ACE inhibitor on you for hypertension. But this natural extract is as strong as a prescription and comes with none of the risk.

If you’re one of the 1-in-3 Americans with high blood pressure, then you know all too well… It can seem impossible to keep it under control. And forget trying to reverse it.

Sure, Big Pharma has plenty of pills that may help you regulate your blood pressure. But they could leave you with a dry cough, kidney damage, or erectile dysfunction. We’ll take a pass, thank you very much.

Especially since there are natural solutions to beat high blood pressure once and for all.

The Right Amount of Vitamin D Will Save Your Heart

A vitamin D deficiency could put your bone and brain health on the line. But having levels lower than this may also put you at 35% greater risk for a heart event…

A vitamin D3 deficiency puts your bones, brain, and hormones at risk. Now a new study shows low levels can endanger your heart.

Researchers in Utah looked at 230,000 patients over a three-year period. They put subjects into different groups based on their blood levels of vitamin D.

  • < 14 ng/mL
  • 15-29 ng/mL
  • 30-44 ng/mL
  • > 45 ng/mL

5 Natural Flu Remedies That Really Work

Research shows flu drugs may not work as well as they claim… Or do anything to make you feel better. But here are five natural solutions that help you fight back.

If you get the flu, most doctors prescribe you a drug… Most likely either Tamiflu or Relenza. Some experts believe they don’t work at all.1,2 But at best, these antiviral medications have a modest effect, shortening flu by only about half a day.3

Side effects from Tamiflu include nausea and bizarre psychiatric symptoms such as hallucinations. All for potentially 12 hours of extra relief.

That’s why you need to know about better ways to fight off the flu. Here are five natural ways to speed flu recovery.

Common Illness Raises Your Heart Attack Risk by 60%

Research reveals this common autoimmune disease puts your joints—and your heart—in danger. It could make you 60% more likely to have a heart attack.

It doesn’t just cause excruciating pain that can make simple tasks a struggle…

This disease has a lesser-known but even more insidious effect: It can wreck your heart. In fact, it may raise your heart attack risk by 60%.1

Yet it isn’t listed by the American Heart Association among the major risk factors for heart disease.2 That’s shocking since it’s so common.

Infected? Your Alzheimer’s Risk Just Doubled.

Two-thirds of the world’s population now carries this incurable virus. The bad news is that it can double your Alzheimer’s risk.

A surprising new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that the majority of the world’s population now has the herpes virus. Two-thirds! That’s 3.7 billion people under 50. In the Americas, half of women and 40% of men carry it.1

There are two types of herpes viruses. HSV-1 is transmitted through oral contact such as kissing. HSV-2 is contracted by skin-to-skin contact during sex.2 They cause painful sores near the mouth or genitals. Without a doubt, just having herpes is bad enough. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable.

But it turns out, it’s much worse than that…

Is This the Next Cancer-Fighting Superfruit?

This little red berry may very well be the next big “super fruit.”

Chances are you’ve never heard of it.

It’s a simple fruit that’s been quietly used by Native Americans for hundreds of years as food and medicine.1

But it wasn’t until recently that this strange berry caught the attention of researchers because of its nutritional benefits.

Simple Test Diagnoses Lewy Body Dementia

A simple three-minute test can detect Lewy body dementia, the disease that killed actor Robin Williams.

Robin Williams never knew what was wrong with him.

Memory loss, hallucinations, and insomnia plagued the actor. After a battery of tests and exams, doctors told him he had Parkinson’s disease. When treatment didn’t work, Williams took his own life.

His widow revealed recently that it was only in the autopsy that Williams’ was finally diagnosed correctly. He had a little-known but common disease called Lewy body dementia (LBD).

5 Surprising Age Accelerators

Stop these 5 everyday habits to slow aging. They aren’t what you’d think…

Everybody wants to look and feel younger. But research shows that we often unknowingly fall into habits that age us faster…

Here are five of them you should avoid (and what you should do instead):

1) Getting Rid of Healthy Fat From Your Diet

Removing trans fats from your diet keeps your heart, blood vessels, and memory at their best. But you don’t want to stop eating all fats. Your skin, for example, needs omega-3 fatty acids to remain plump and wrinkle-free.1 And your brain needs them to stay sharp.

Follow the recommendation of many registered dieticians—eat at least two servings of wild-caught salmon or mackerel each week. Add avocado slices to your meals to make sure you’re getting a daily dose of healthy fats. They contain vitamin E that fights aging by helping your body create collagen.

Combat Carb Cravings, Lose Belly Fat With This Forgotten Mineral

This forgotten mineral fights belly fat and combats carb cravings.

A vast majority of Americans don’t get enough of a vital trace mineral that can help keep them slim. Ninety percent of us are low, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.1

The mineral can help you fight the urge to binge on carb-heavy foods. That’s because it helps balance your blood sugar. It’s so effective that doctors recommend it to diabetes patients.2