This Ancient Tree Crushes Big Pharma’s Cancer Pills

July 5th, 2015
The bark of this ancient tree holds a powerful anti-cancer compound… And new research reveals it’s safer and more effective than Big Pharma’s best “solutions.”

Last week, Health Watch readers learned about a little-known compound in avocados that may help kill leukemia. Now a team of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have discovered yet another natural cancer killer.

They found a compound in one of the world’s oldest trees stops the growth—and spread—of squamous cell cancers of the head and neck. These include cancers of the larynx, lips, mouth, nose, throat, and salivary glands. It put a stranglehold on a protein that helps 90% of these cancers thrive.

The thing is… It’s not really a new discovery.

Natural healers in China and Japan have used it for hundreds of years to treat everything from anxiety and stress to digestive disorders and inflammation.

Now researchers are seeing it as one of our best bets for beating cancer… That’s because it just crushed one of Big Pharma’s cancer drugs in a head-to-head test.

What was this cancer-fighting substance?

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5 Shortcuts for a Healthier Summer Cookout

Whether you’re going to a barbecue or hosting one of your own, there are simple ways to make it even better. Here are 5 shortcuts for a healthier summer cookout.

Spending time outdoors takes some preparation. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you prepare for any cookouts, barbecues, and pool parties this season. So you can focus on what’s really important… Enjoying the company of family and friends.

Here are five shortcuts for healthier summer cookouts.

1. Grill for Safety…and Speed

It’s not just beer marinade that prevents grilled meats from forming carcinogenic compounds… Pre-cooking can further limit the amount of cancer-causing chemicals formed on the grill. Like heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). You and your hungry guests will enjoy the faster cooking time too.

Start with grass-fed beef or organic, free-range chicken. They should be free of any antibiotics or hormones. Bake it most of the way in the oven. Then finish it on the grill right away to prevent bacteria from moving in.

Adding 12 Ounces of This Could Burn More Fat

Resveratrol may help protect your heart, boost your brain…and even fight aging. But don’t forget weight loss… Eating more of it may help burn more fat.

Looking younger… Feeling younger… Better brainpower… A healthy heart… Even a lasting boost in energy levels. There are a LOT of good reasons to get more resveratrol in your diet.

Yet there’s one people tend to forget.

This Natural Sleep Aid Fights Alzheimer’s

This natural sleep aid may be one of your body’s best defenses against Alzheimer’s disease… But how you get more of it could be doing more harm than good.

Not getting enough sleep? It’s more dangerous than you thought…

If you wake up often…or don’t get enough sleep each night…it could mean your pineal gland isn’t releasing enough melatonin. If that’s the case, you could be at risk for more than just fatigue… You may be four times more likely to develop dementia.