How This Crazy Stock Market Can Wreck Your Health (And What to Do About It)

February 10th, 2016
The stock market affects your health in surprising ways. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Your portfolio isn’t the only thing that suffers in a falling stock market.

Researchers have found that volatile stock prices lead to an increase in heart attacks, hospitalizations, and mental disorders.

Study after study shows how market fluctuations can damage your health:

• Chinese research shows that each 100 point swing in the Shanghai Stock Exchange index corresponds to a 5% increase in heart attack deaths. ,

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Why You Should Always Ride in the Front Seat

It’s a myth that it’s safer to ride in the back seat of the car. A new analysis shows that in most crashes, you’re better off in the front.1

Years ago, front-seat passengers faced the danger of smashing into the dashboard or the windshield. Airbags come with their own risks, too… For instance, children aged 12 or younger should still sit in the back.2

But with today’s seatbelt and airbag technology, most risks for adults have been greatly diminished, researchers say. Airbags can now reduce deaths in the front of the car by up to 30%.3

Plus, there’s a little-reported Australian study that reveals back seat riders are actually at more risk of injury…

Never Do This Exercise Again

Stop doing this exercise now. It’s so dangerous it causes half the workout injuries in the U.S. Army.

An exercise we were all taught to do since grade school causes more than half the workout injuries in the U.S. Army.1

What’s more, tests reveal it doesn’t provide the fitness benefits claimed for years by exercise gurus.2

As one group of researchers stated: This common exercise is best left in the dustbin of fitness history.

Of course, it’s important that we all stay fit. And if you’ve ever been in a gym class, you’ve likely done this exercise hundreds of times. But if you continue with this old school drill, you may be sentencing yourself to years of chronic pain and future surgery.

5 Vitamin Deficiencies That Show Up in Your Face

Look in the mirror to self-diagnose shortages of 5 important nutrients.

If you feel lousy and suspect a vitamin deficiency, your doctor will likely give you a blood test or some other kind of expensive screening.

But sometimes the best way to tell if you are lacking in an important nutrient is to look in the mirror. Experts say signs of deficiencies often show up in your face.

Here are five common facial symptoms linked to vitamin deficiencies.

  1. Pale Complexion

If you notice that you appear paler than normal, this could indicate a vitamin B12 deficiency. Check your tongue. It should be a little bumpy. If it is totally smooth, this is another sign of B12 deficiency. Lack of this vitamin can cause fatigue and poor memory.1,2

Super Bowl Pizza Party Health Warning! Feds Issue Alert

Pizza delivery boxes contain toxic chemicals that have been banned by the FDA.

Super Bowl bashes might never be the same. It’s the biggest day of the year for pizza deliveries. Some 12.5 million were delivered for last year’s game.1
But it turns out that pizza delivery box is full of health-damaging chemicals.

Three substances commonly found in pizza cardboard containers were just banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.2,3

The three are part of a group of chemicals called perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFASs. These chemicals may lead to thyroid disease and ulcerative colitis. In pregnant women, they may cause preeclampsia. This is a potentially life-threatening high blood pressure condition. The substances remain in the body for years.

Scientists say these noxious chemicals can leech from the box into your pizza.

Cancer Doctors Vanishing Throughout U.S.

Cancer Doctors Vanishing Throughout U.S.

Operating just outside the circle of the mainstream, a small group of doctors were quietly discovering cancer breakthroughs.

…An oncologist uncovered a way to naturally turn off cancer-causing genes.

…In a two-year study, a small group of pancreatic cancer patients saw up to a 1,100% boost in survival rate on one physician’s protocol.

…Another doctor’s treatment kills breast cancer cells in only 3 days.

But once news about these therapies finally started getting some attention, something happened.

Simple Secret to Success (in the Bedroom)

The antioxidants in foods like berries and red wine may be the natural solution for men who want to reclaim their sex lives, a new study finds.

Good news for men over 50: A drop in sexual performance is NOT an inevitable side effect of aging. And new research shows you don’t need a prescription to remain sexually vital…

A recent study reveals berries, citrus fruits, and red wine can give men a bedroom boost.

The study involved more than 25,000 men. It found that eating berries and citrus along with drinking red wine is associated with a 14% reduced risk of embarrassing sexual problems. And combining these healthy foods with exercise results in a 21% lower risk.1

Big Pharma Pushes Flu Shots—for Dogs

The new flu shot for dogs is ineffective and full of side effects.

Big Pharma is at it again…

It wants you to get the flu shot… For your dog. Last year veterinarians identified a new strain of canine flu. Smelling money, the drug industry quickly swung into action. Now it has unleashed a new vaccine.

But don’t be tempted to get the shot for your furry friend. Like the human flu vaccine, it doesn’t work very well. The manufacturers themselves admit as much.

It’s no wonder some veterinarians are so outraged.

Want to Lose 13 Pounds? Keep One of These in Your Kitchen

Keeping one of these in your kitchen may make you weigh 13 pounds lighter. Discover what it is—and two easy tricks for dropping even more weight.

Cornell University researchers have discovered what could be the world’s simplest way to lose weight.

They studied the kitchens of hundreds of American homes, analyzing food items kept on the counter. Then they correlated the items with the body weight of the occupants.

They found that one object on the kitchen counter has a surprisingly powerful effect on weight. It turns out that women who keep a fruit bowl on the counter weigh on average 13 pounds less than those who don’t.1

Never Do This in the Bathroom

Many of us thoughtlessly expose ourselves to life-threatening diseases with one bad bathroom habit.

Each day millions of us put ourselves at risk for serious infection through a simple action.

It is so common we don’t think twice about it. But after you read this, you will never do it again.

We all know that our homes harbor germs in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom—just about every room in the house. But usually we recognize this fact, and take actions to lessen our risk. We scrub, disinfect, vacuum, wash our hands, and maybe even take our shoes off before entering the house.

But there is one act that we do without thinking in our bathroom. Almost everybody is guilty at one time or another.

Babies Still in Crib Get Risky Psychiatric Drugs

Babies still in their cribs are being given risky antipsychotic drugs… thanks to Big Pharma.

In its never-ending search for profit, Big Pharma has found a new and highly questionable money pipeline… Antipsychotic drugs for babies still in the crib!1

Pharmaceutical companies already enjoy a $300 billion global market. Their profit margins hit 30%.2,3

Now, they are encouraging doctors to prescribe antipsychotic medications to babies as young as 5 months. This includes the powerful drug Risperdal. How powerful? Doctors use it to treat adults with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

And these drugs aren’t even approved for use in children younger than 10.