John Stossel Doesn’t Smoke… So How Did He Get Lung Cancer?

May 1st, 2016
John Stossel announced he has lung cancer. But he says he doesn’t smoke. Here are 5 ways nonsmokers can get lung cancer… And how to protect yourself.

John Stossel has looked healthy and energetic during his recent broadcasts on FOX News. So it came as a shock when he announced recently that he has lung cancer.

And here’s another surprise about his diagnosis: Stossel says he has never smoked.

Lung cancer is the nation’s number one cancer killer. About 160,000 Americans die from it each year. It is still viewed largely as a “smoker’s disease.” Sure, it’s also associated with occupations such as coal mining and asbestos work. But when most of us hear about someone getting lung cancer, we assume they are a smoker.

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Move to This Town if You Want to Live to 100

People in the Italian village of Acciaroli live incredibly long lives. A new study reveals their secret for living to 100 and beyond.

Have scientists stumbled onto a town that holds the secret to the Fountain of Youth?

The residents of the small Italian village of Acciaroli are fat, tan, and many of them smoke. They don’t exercise much. They don’t watch their diets. But somehow they live incredibly long lives.1

With a population of 2,000, the town boasts 300 people over 100 years of age. That means 15% of the population is over 100. That’s an astonishing number.

What’s the percentage in the U.S.? It’s 0.0173%.2

World’s Most-Prescribed Diabetes Drug Linked to Dementia

Metformin, the most-prescribed drug in the world for type 2 diabetes, robs the body of vitamin B12. This can cause dementia, nerve damage, and anemia.

If your doctor diagnoses you with type 2 diabetes, chances are you will walk out the appointment with a prescription for metformin.

It’s by far the world’s most popular diabetes drug.1 More than 48 million prescriptions are filled every year just in the U.S.2 As you might guess, the medication is a huge profit-maker for drug companies. It brings in more than $1.5 billion a year for Big Pharma.3

But a disturbing new study reveals a devastating side effect.   

Is There Lead in Your Chocolate?


Recent studies show dark chocolate can boost health in many ways.

It raises athletic performance. It helps with weight loss. It makes your heart healthier.1 It’s even been shown to help prevent sunburn.2

But a new analysis reveals a dark side to some kinds of chocolate. They contain lead, a potent neurotoxin.3

As You Sow is a consumer advocacy group. It analyzed 50 chocolate products. It looked at both dark and milk chocolate brands. Thirty-five dark chocolate brands were found to contain either lead or cadmium. No milk chocolate tested positive.

Are These Popular Drugs Shrinking Your Brain?

New research reveals these drugs leave your brain starving, slow, and small. And you may be taking them every day. Here’s how to avoid them and protect your brain.

A common class of drug is linked to brain damage in seniors, a new study reveals. They are called anticholinergics (ACHs). And they  include big-selling over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl and Tylenol PM.

They block acetylcholine production in the brain. It’s a critical neurotransmitter. Your brain needs it for muscle control, motivation, attention, and arousal.1

Previous studies found using these drugs can raise your risk of cognitive decline by more than 50%.2 Now, researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine offer the most in-depth proof yet of their brain-damaging effects.

Bad Temper? Your Cat May Be to Blame

The cat parasite toxoplasmosis may be to blame for people with anger issues, a new study finds.

If you find yourself flying off the handle, it might be due to an infection you got from your cat.

That’s the surprising conclusion of a study just published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. It looked at people with anger issues.

Scientists found that those with a condition called Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) were more than twice as likely to be infected with toxoplasma. It’s a common parasite found in cat waste.1

More than 20% of the U.S. population has been infected by the toxoplasma parasite, according to the CDC. Researchers believe the parasite alters some people’s brain chemistry to cause behavior similar to road rage.2

The researchers studied 358 adults. Of the people with IED, 22% tested positive for toxoplasmosis. Only 9% of the non-IED group had the infection.

5 Natural Ways to Stop Zika

Here are five natural ways to prevent Zika infection.

Zika is constantly evolving. It keeps getting worse. And the virus is heading our way.

When it was first discovered in Uganda’s Zika forest in 1947 it was nearly harmless. For 60 years it spread in Africa. But it caused only mild illness.1

Then in 2007 it jumped to the Micronesian island nation of Yap. Almost three-quarters of the country’s residents got it. But there were no neurological complications reported.

Now it has mutated to cause nerve disorders and birth defects.

Why You Should Never Use Restroom Hand Dryers

Stay away from the new high-speed jet air dryers in public bathrooms. A study shows they send germs flying.

You’re in a public bathroom. You’ve just washed your hands. You head toward the paper towel dispenser. But there’s also an electric hand dryer.

Which do you use?

A new study reveals the decision could mean the difference between catching a nasty virus or not.

Chocolate Can Boost Exercise–Really!

Eating a little dark chocolate every day can effortlessly improve athletic performance, a new British study finds.

A new study has found a delicious way to boost your athletic performance: Eat dark chocolate.

The research is published in the latest issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Scientists had cyclists do all-out sprints on stationary bikes. They recorded distance covered, oxygen intake, and fitness levels.1

Then they had half the cyclists eat 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate every day. The other half ate 1.4 ounces of white chocolate. After two weeks, they tested the cyclists’ sprinting ability again.

Doctors Are Turning America Into a Nation of Addicts

Overdoses from painkillers are sweeping America. Here are three natural solutions to pain that won’t lead to addiction.

It’s no wonder Americans are dropping like flies from drug overdoses.

A new study finds that 99% of doctors violate federal guidelines when handing out prescriptions for narcotic painkillers.1

Nearly a quarter of physicians routinely give out a month’s worth of powerful opioids when a patient complains of pain. This is enough to cause brain changes that lead to addiction.

The research by the National Safety Council found only a third of doctors ask about a family history of addiction.

Scientists Debunk ‘Dumb Blonde’ Myth

A Ohio State University study finds the “dumb blonde” myth is false. In fact, blonde women may be slightly smarter than the rest of us.

How do you keep a blonde busy for two days? Give her a piece of paper that has “please turn over” written on both sides.

We’ve all laughed at the expense of the popular stereotype that blondes, well, just aren’t as smart as the rest of us.

But a new study shatters that myth. In fact, it found that naturally blonde women may be more intelligent than most other people.1