Five Heart Foods You’ll Actually WANT to Eat

March 27th, 2015
Five Everyday Foods for Saving Your Heart

Doctors usually treat high blood pressure by pushing medications like beta blockers and Captopril. But popping these drugs every day can cause serious side effects… Things like depression and liver damage. Some antihypertensive drugs can even raise your death risk by 12.6%.

That doesn’t sound like much of a solution. And trust me, I’ve gone head-to-head with my own doctor on this one. I struggle with keeping my BP in a healthy range. So if you’re like me, the 1-in-3 adults with high blood pressure, you’ll want to include these five everyday foods to keep it in check.

1. Grapes: This one is a personal favorite. We’ve told you before that the skin contains resveratrol. It’s one of the most effective antioxidants for fighting high blood pressure. Research shows 300 mg of grape seed extract can lower your systolic blood pressure by 28 mmHG in one month. Pretty impressive. But after four months, 93% of subjects brought their levels back down to normal.

Eating grapes can also improve your heart function. That’s because their potassium content helps balance sodium levels in your body. Their natural antioxidant content also helps shield your heart from inflammation and oxidative stress.

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Big Food’s Deadly Deception is Putting Your Family at Risk

You know drinking it will put you at risk for diseases like cancer and diabetes. And now Big Food is paying experts to entice you into drinking this poison...

One of the most recognizable food companies on the planet is paying big bucks to trick you into thinking their drinks are healthy. In fact, some health bloggers are now saying makes a healthy snack.

Talk about dangerous and misleading. It would be bad enough if these writers felt this way on their own… But what makes it even more disturbing is that Big Food is paying them to say this.

These Dementia Prescriptions are Secret Killers

About half of all dementia patients are getting these inappropriate—and dangerous—prescription drugs from their doctors… And the results can be fatal.

Nursing homes and doctors push these dangerous medications on seniors to help relieve dementia symptoms…things like irritation and mood swings. But these drugs are putting patients’ lives at risk.

Risperdal, Zyprexa, and Seroquel… These antipsychotic drugs are meant to treat patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Not dementia. Yet doctors use them to medicate about 50% of dementia patients.1 But that’s not even the real danger here…

Five Ways Stress is Killing You

Stress may be the reason behind 90% of all doctors visits. But getting sick may be the least of your worries… Here are five ways stress is killing you.

Stress is a natural response. But too much of it can be dangerous…even deadly. About 75% of adults deal with it every month.1 It’s bad enough that stress is the reason behind 90% of doctor office visits… But the scariest part is dealing with chronic stress can make you three times more likely to die early.2

Here are five ways stress is killing you: