These Parkinson’s Drugs Could Ruin Your Health… And Your Life

January 25th, 2015
They may be your doctor’s go-to treatment for Parkinson’s… But taking them could end up costing you more than your health. They could ruin your life.

We’ve told you before that dopamine antagonists can wreck your thyroid hormone levels. But they’re a drug doctors like to use to help treat Parkinson’s disease. These drugs can also be prescribed to treat restless leg syndrome. So they’re pretty common.

And now we know these drugs come with a disturbing—and unexpected—risk.

Dopamine agonists may make you impulsive. Even uncontrollable.

Previous research linked these drugs to compulsive disorders in 14% of patients. But a new study by researchers from George Washington University and Harvard Medical School reveals it’s much worse than we thought… Dopamine agonist drugs may make you 277 times more likely to have impulsive behavior.

We’re not talking about sneaking a piece of chocolate, either… They identified 1,580 impulse control disorders. And they connected these drugs to 710 of them. Things like hypersexuality… Not to mention compulsive gambling and shopping.

That’s because dopamine helps control behavior. But these drugs change the way your brain uses it.

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These Five Foods are Better Than Whole Grains

Whole grains aren’t the “health food” experts want you believing them to be. Here are five foods that put them to shame—without causing inflammation.

Earlier this week we told you about a new study claiming whole grains help you live longer. They say eating them can lower your risk of dying from heart disease by 9%. But grains cause inflammation. It can lead to deadly ailments like cancer… And even heart disease.

You can do better. Here are five foods that are better than grains—even the “healthy” ones.

This Future Superfood Fights Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest. But this little berry packs antioxidant power that may put chemo to shame—and help prevent cancer from forming.

Doctors won’t ask how you or a loved one wants to treat cancer. They’ll only ask how you want to pay for treatment. There’s no choice. Just look at what happened to Cassandra C. in Connecticut…

At 17 years old, the Supreme Court declared her not mature enough to decide whether or not she can refuse chemotherapy for her cancer. She doesn’t have a death wish. She wants a natural solution instead.1 Yet to experts, no such thing exists.

But that’s a lie.

This Overlooked Risk Factor is Twice as Deadly as Obesity

Being obese can take healthy years off your life… But there’s an even deadlier threat. And it affects people you might think were healthy.

Being obese puts your body under constant stress. It’s a state of chronic inflammation. This raises your risk for everything from joint pain to heart disease. Even cancer.

And as dangerous as obesity is… A new study reveals there’s another factor that’s even more deadly.