Quick and Easy Fixes for a Healthier Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2014
Don’t let yourself become just another victim of a “turkey hangover.” Follow these easy steps for a healthier, happier, and less inflammatory Thanksgiving.

We’re finally at the end of the Independent Healing Sugar Free 30 Challenge. For the last month, our president—Angela Salerno—has avoided added sugars at every turn. And so have our most motivated readers. It’s ending at the perfect time too: Thanksgiving.

It’s a day to spend time with family and loved ones. But let’s face it… You’ll likely be surrounded by less-than-ideal food choices. These sweet temptations might unravel all of your hard work and dedication of the last 30 days.

It may not be easy… But there are ways to help make it a little easier—and help protect your progress. You can enjoy a healthier and more satisfying turkey day by following these quick tips:

Swap out Processed Carbs: You might think eating these “filling” foods will satisfy you faster. But that’s not the case. They raise your blood sugar and inflammation levels.

Eating them may also make you feel foggy…even depressed. And they don’t provide the nutrition your body is looking for. This makes you more likely to overeat…but there’s an easy solution.

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This “Clean” Ingredient is a Killer

You know this substance raises your risk for antibacterial resistance and dangerous complications. But it may also be raising your risk for liver cancer.

We’ve warned you about it before… You’ll find it in things like antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, and shampoo. Even mouthwash and some children’s toys. All things that are hard to get away from. It’s one of the sneakiest—and most common—everyday threats to your good health…

Research links this compound to serious hormone problems. This includes early puberty and infertility, low testosterone—and crazy thyroid levels.1 Even more dangerous? It creates antibiotic resistance. Experts say it’s a likely culprit in the doubling of dangerous MRSA infections in hospitals in the last few years.2

This Deficiency Increases Mental Decline Risk Sevenfold After a Heart Attack

There’s a lot of collateral damage to worry about after a heart attack… Adding this vitamin could help protect your brain—and even extend your life—after one.

Most people who survive a heart attack  are at a major disadvantage. That’s because their doctors—the “experts”—only focus on what to cut out. Smoking… Drinking… Junk food… But they don’t talk about what to add more of.

Adding antioxidants and fiber to your diet is a good place to start. Building up to high-intensity exercise will also benefit your heart. But a new study from Korea reveals there’s something even more vital your body needs after a major heart attack.

Five Reasons to Eat More Cucumber

Cucumbers have some serious—and unexpected—health benefits. Here are five of them.

Cucumbers are more than just a salad accessory. They’re an easy—and delicious—way to get extra health perks in just about every meal. In fact, they pack serious benefits that can give you a boost from the inside out.

Here are five reasons to eat more cucumber: