The Simple Solution for Reducing Doctor’s Office Visits by up to 90%

December 17th, 2014
Eliminating this common health threat will have you feeling good and seeing a lot less of your doctor… It may even cut your risk of developing deadly diseases.

You might not realize when this is taking a toll on your health… Most people don’t. That may be why it’s responsible for up to 90% of all doctor’s office visits in the U.S.

The symptoms can start off minor… Things like headaches, stomach pain, and trouble sleeping. But if you don’t do anything about it, those minor symptoms can develop into serious ailments. These include depression, ulcers, and insomnia.

You might already be dealing with one of these health issues… They can be genetic. Or it could be the result of environmental factors. But if you can’t get this problem under control, it might only be making things worse. Just look at emotional disorders…

A person’s odds for developing one in their lifetime is over 50%… And this could be the main factor behind it. We’re talking about stress.

If you’re dealing with it at work, you could be 80% more likely to develop depression alone.

But that’s not even the worst of it…

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This Natural Plant Beats Big Pharma’s “Best” Seizure Solutions

Medicinal marijuana has even the most committed natural healers divided… Regardless of where you stand on the issue, research shows it can save lives and stop seizures.

Five-year old Charlotte Figi had hundreds of seizures a week. She had a genetic seizure disorder called Dravet syndrome.

She could barely speak, eat, or drink due to severe convulsions. Sometimes she couldn’t breathe. Her heart would sometimes stop.1 And she could only eat with a feeding tube. Doctors prescribed dozens of powerful drugs. The “medicine” nearly killed her.

How BPA Starts Killing You In Under Two Hours

You know BPA is dangerous. But new research shows that it’s even deadlier than we thought. Exposure to BPA can start killing you within just two hours.

Health Watch readers know the dangers of Bisphenol-A (BPA). We’ve told you before that it’s a trigger for migraines. It also disrupts your natural hormone production. This deadly compound even puts you at risk for cancer… Even though the FDA tries to keep it under wraps.

But new research reveals yet another danger that comes with BPA exposure…

Researchers from Seoul National University in Korea looked at a group of 60 people. Subjects got a soy milk drink. They either received two bottles, two cans, or one of each.

After two hours, researchers found subjects drinking from cans had 1,600% higher BPA concentrations than those drinking from bottles.1 But that’s not all they found…

Five Reasons to Try Turnip Greens

It’s a vegetable you might not even realize exists… But eating turnip greens comes with surprising health benefits. Here are five reasons to give them a try.

They’re one of the healthiest—yet overlooked—foods you can eat. Turnip greens aren’t just the tops of your turnips…

They’re full of quality nutrition that puts many other vegetables to shame. You definitely don’t want to throw these away.

Here are five reasons to try turnip greens:

1. Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy: Turnip greens are rich in vitamin A. You need it to produce sebum. It’s an oily substance made in your skin. Sebum’s main function is to protect your hair and skin from getting too dry. It also helps keep them water resistant.1

Not only that, one cup of boiled turnip greens will give you around half your daily vitamin C requirement.2 This is important for building collagen that keeps skin supple and young. It may even help prevent wrinkles. Eating these greens may even help keep your hair on your head… Losing iron can lead to hair loss. And speaking of iron…