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One Vitamin Protects Against Cataracts

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By the time we are 75, it’s estimated about half of us will have cataracts.

It is a clouding of the eye lens that impairs vision.[1]

For decades, doctors believed this sight-robbing condition was a normal part of getting older. They said there was nothing they could do to prevent it. The only treatment option was surgery to remove the cloudy lens.… Read More

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One Vitamin Helps Seniors Retain Muscle

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Starting at age 30, most people begin to lose strength and muscle mass. Between 30 and 50, the average person suffers a 10% loss of muscle.[i]

After that, muscle loss accelerates. Between 50 and 60, muscle loss averages 10-20%. After age 60, it speeds up even more. This is true for both men and women.

The amount of muscle loss over a lifetime varies greatly from one person to another.… Read More