Low Vitamin C Levels Linked to DEADLY Condition (Study)

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When it comes to the pantheon of vitamins, vitamin C is considered the gold standard.

It’s good for your immune system, can help manage your blood pressure, and can even help prevent a nasty gout flareup.

But I’m not here today to talk about the benefits of vitamin C…

Today, I’m here to talk about why many seniors aren’t getting enough vitamin C — and why a new study has found that low vitamin C levels could be tied to a deadly condition.

Low Vitamin C and Cognitive Impairment: A Risky Connection

A research study recently published in the journal Antioxidants found that inadequate levels of vitamin C could be a potential risk factor for cognitive impairment among seniors. f.

After a series of cognitive tests, researchers found that cognitive function scores were significantly LOWER among the study participants who were vitamin C deficient.

And while a vitamin C deficiency is fairly uncommon, studies have found that it affects more than 1 in 20 people.

So, what’s the answer to getting more vitamin C… Eat more oranges?

Sure, oranges are a great source of vitamin C – so don’t stop eating them.

But you could consider acerola – also called the “acerola cherry” or “Yucatan cherry.” Acerola has nearly 100X MORE vitamin C than oranges!

In fact, just one cup of acerola cherries packs 1,700mg of vitamin C. You’d have to eat a whopping 16 cups of oranges to get that amount!

In fact, just one-half cup of acerola cherries delivers a jaw-dropping 913% of the RDV for vitamin C!

Look for acerola supplements at your local health food or vitamin store. As with any supplement, be sure to talk to your doctor first, and only take the dosage listed on the product label.