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The True Cause of Heart Disease

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Conventional wisdom tells us that high cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. But Dr. Dwight Lundell is fighting to expose this dangerous mainstream myth.

Dr. Lundell is a pioneer and leading expert in this field. He has enjoyed a long and a distinguished career, leading his peers to new breakthroughs. He spent 25 years as a cardiovascular surgeon and performed over 5,000 heart surgeries.… Read More

Fighting the Fires Inside

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A brand new study – just released in medical journal Cell – shows that dietary fat can combat some of today’s worst diseases. But that doesn’t mean any old fat is good for you. It’s vital that you eat the right kind of fat. And avoid the “bad” kind.

That’s because dietary fats either combat – or trigger – a biological process that may be the root cause of many of today’s most dangerous illnesses.… Read More

Your Local Food Store May Have the Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer’s affects 5.2 million people in the U.S. and doctors are stymied over finding a cure. But one doctor may have stumbled on a simple and safe solution that seems to reverse the memory loss and mental “fog” associated with this dreaded disease.

As we reported on Tuesday, Dr. Mary Newport has made a startling discovery. And she’s now reported her findings to the medical community.… Read More

Can You Count on the Label? Know Your Risk

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What’s in the drugs that you take? You may have done your research and know exactly what it’s composed of. You may even know how it’s likely to affect you.

But breaking news reveals that you can’t believe what you read on the label. It’s anyone’s guess what threat these drugs may pose. That’s because the world’s leading drugs manufacturer is selling contaminated – and ineffective drugs.… Read More

Desperate Discovery May Alleviate Alzheimer's

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It’s possible that one widely available dietary supplement may offer hope for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. While still in its very early stages we felt we had to share the news about this simple solution. Since it’s so new, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll have heard about it. But this simple solution may help delay – and reverse – the progression of Alzheimer’s.… Read More

Little-Known Option May Fight Breast Cancer

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Joyce was 52-years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That diagnosis changed her life. Suddenly her future was filled with chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

But a meeting with Dr. Guy E. Abraham, M.D. gave her options. He told her that a widely available – and totally safe nutrient – might be able to help her.

She was desperate. She didn’t want to go through chemo.… Read More