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COVID-19: Century-Old Therapy Shows Promise

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread for one reason: Researchers have not been able to come up with a vaccine or a highly effective treatment.

A vaccine is likely to take many months, or even years, to develop. And so far, new treatments have been disappointing.

Early in the outbreak, there was hope that hydroxychloroquine might be the answer.

It’s a malaria drug that seemed to work in some patients.… Read More

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COVID-19: 5 New Reasons for Hope

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It seems like we are hit with more bad news every day…

The U.S. recently passed 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, more than double of any other country… Kids missed their graduation ceremonies… Parents have lost their jobs… Clinical anxiety and depression are rampant.

There are horrific stories of the coronavirus sweeping through nursing homes, killing residents by the dozen. And there is equally heartbreaking news about doctors, nurses, and other heroes on the frontlines who gave their lives trying to save the sick.… Read More

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Why Blood Pressure Drugs Are Dangerous for Seniors

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When you go in for a checkup, one of the first things they do is take your blood pressure. If your numbers are over 130/80, chances are you’ll be prescribed a hypertension drug. 

But if you are older, taking the medication could send you to an early grave. 

That may sound alarmist. But it’s exactly what scientists found in a major new study of 415,980 people.… Read More

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The Antibiotic-Cancer Connection

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For decades, antibiotics were viewed as a miracle of medicine. They seemed to cure virtually any type of bacterial illness without side effects. 

They worked so well that doctors prescribed them at the first sign of infection…even if the likely cause was a virus, which antibiotics don’t affect.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control say American doctors write 47 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions a year. … Read More

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One Fruit Juice Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

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The average American senior takes more than five prescription drugs.

Among the most common are blood pressure and cholesterol medications.[1]

But new research shows that one type of fruit juice may be as effective as these drugs…without the dangerous side effects that come with hypertension meds and statins.[2]

The study was published in the journal Food Science & Nutrition.… Read More