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New Research Reveals Why This Sciatica Treatment Fails

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It might be the first treatment your doctor recommends for sciatica pain. But new research shows this “solution” doesn’t relieve pain any better than a sugar pill.

Dr. Harley Goldberg, director of spine care services at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center in California, was the lead researcher of this new study. With his colleagues, he investigated the effectiveness of this common sciatica treatment.… Read More

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5 Surprising Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

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Earlier this week, Health Watch readers discovered an outlawed Chinese herb that may work better than surgery for weight loss. But that’s not the only controversial plant that may help save your health… You already know marijuana could be the key to fighting childhood epilepsy. You may even be aware of its ability to correct vision problems and fight nausea.… Read More

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The Truth About Your Back Pain

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OTC painkillers are supposed to be a quick and easy solution. But new research confirms what we’ve been telling Health Watch readers for years: These drugs may be a total waste of your time…especially when it comes to back pain.1

Researchers in Australia looked at 13 different trials on acetaminophen use and lower back pain. They found it was ineffective when it came to reducing pain intensity and disability.… Read More

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Five Ways to Beat Knee Pain Naturally

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There are a few things that could cause knee pain… Torn ligaments, osteoarthritis, and bursitis to name a few. Most doctors will be quick to prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to ease your pain. Or they might convince you to settle for OTC painkillers. Problem is, they’re not real solutions. And long-term use can be dangerous. You can do better.

Here are five natural ways to help relieve knee pain.… Read More