If you suffer from chronic pain, there are three things you need from your painkiller… You want it to be natural. It has to be effective. And it should be safe to use over time. This Chinese herb meets all three of those criteria.

This Herb Is Strong Enough for Cancer Pain

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If you suffer from chronic pain, there are three things you need from your painkiller… You want it to be natural. It has to be effective. And it should be safe to use over time.

And this powerful Chinese herb meets all of those criteria…

It relieves both inflammation and nerve pain. In fact, it’s so potent Eastern medicine practitioners use it to ease the pain caused by terminal cancer.1 Even though it works like an opioid, it takes a slightly different path.

It does not affect your morphine receptors, which raise your risk of addiction. Instead, it binds to dopamine receptors in your brain.2 Dopamine is your brain’s “reward system” that controls feelings of pleasure and emotional response.

Unlike opioids, your body doesn’t build a tolerance to this natural compound. This means you won’t have to keep taking more and more of it to get the same amount of relief.3

But if you want to get your hands on some, you’ll want to move quickly.  Here’s why…

Corydalis Yan Hu Suo (CY) grows in abundance in China, Japan, and Siberia. It’s the root of the Chinese poppy plant, known for its beautiful purple flower. CY contains the compound dehydrocorybulbine (DHCB). It’s what gives CY its sought-after painkilling properties.4

Not surprisingly, Big Pharma is taking interest in the compounds in CY. If we had to guess, it won’t be long before you can’t find it in its natural form. More importantly, whatever drugs they develop from CY will be isolated, synthetic compounds. They won’t be natural, and they’re going to come with side effects.

For now, there are several ways to get CY in its natural form. You can find its root extract as a supplement in health stores and online. If you live near an Asian market that sells traditional Chinese herbs, you may be able to find it as a powder for making tea.

Our recommendation? Give it a try if you have any kind of chronic pain or inflammation. If you find it works, load up…before Big Pharma gets in the way.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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  1. I have bad nerve pain in my hands and arms and night sweats.

    1. Read up on alapha- lipoic-acid also known as AlA works good on nerve pain and helps rebuild the nerves….and is natural…cannibis helps also can b obtained w/o the high factor, rich in CBD’s. Good for body!

  2. What is good to help heal Kidney Failure and get to Kidneys to function again. What are the best herds to eat.

  3. I’ve trying for a couple months to get lei gōng teng…… Can anyone suggest a good source?

    1. ebay has all kinds of Chinese herbs and Lei gong teng is one you can buy I just looked it up …..I buy Corydalis and plan to try some other Chinese herbs for pain .

  4. Can anyone advise me of natural painkiller, and antinflamotory for nerve pain.I am allergic to codine, and antinflamotory Medications.

  5. Does it show up on drug tests if you are in pain management? Can not have any other “drug” show up in my urine. Thanks, Pete

    1. I’ve had that problem and cannot get any pain medicine because I supposedly “violated myv pain contract. I was in the hospital 17 days before my drug test. I had a tooth pulled 5 days prior to the urine test. When I found out about the positive result, it would have been comical if I didn’t hurt so much.

      I got a printout of all medications that I was given while in the hospital,as well as a printout of what was given me by the oral surgeon and gave it to my doctor. Another we had to go to for another matter knew about the situation said my primary care doctor had acted correctly. I told him I had not taken the drugs that were supposedly found. The doctor said: “We are not detectives. We don’t have time.”

      Well, many times, the patient is sick and the malady cannot be readily determined. Does this not require the deductive reason and some detective work? My husband went to this doctor because he was having symptoms regarding his liver. That QUACK did not check that at all. He CT scanned his kidneys for stones. Negative. The diagnosis: CONSTIPATION.

      We also have been told that the clinic’s internal laboratory does not follow proper procedures and has contaminated many specimens. I WONDER WHY MY DRUG TEST CAME OUT THE WAY IT DID. Go figure.

      Needless to say, we’re going to look for another doctor.

  6. I have been taking Kratom for about 3 years for chronic pain caused by Crohns disease. It works better than opioids because it takes care of your pain without giving you the groggy sensation.

  7. I am interested in buying this cy herb, can you tell me where I can buy this herb.
    I live in Lakewood, ca.

  8. Just too let you all know something. The DEA has cut prodruction of Opioids in 2017 by up too 66 percent. They cite their usual bs, saying too many people are selling it, or it is addictive, or blah blah blah, but the truth of the matter is this:: Their are cities beneath us , in fact over 120 known cities underground, called, Deep Underground Military Bases , or known as D.U.M.B.s They have 2 too 4 lane highways underground ., now how does this apply too this article? Well , they are taking supplies of everything known too man, underground, which is why their are shortages of Pain medications, you name it because their is something huge in the horizon , and they know it. Point is this:: Many of us are suffering in agonizing pain. I am one of them. I have 2 blown discs in my lower spine which disabled me, and nowadays we are being , frankly , Harrassed for being on opioids!! They treat you like a criminal, for needing pain relief, so that is why i am grateful for articles like this. The only thing i have found strong enough for my pain is Opioids, and im fortunate too have a doctor who cares. But the way their cracking down on doctors and patients, is well, criminal. Their are those of us who have pain lvls of cancer patients, and their other poisons distributed by big pharma dont work!!! I hope these herbal remedies work . And once again ty for the information , the pain gets so horrible, it gets unbearable!!! BTW Kratom does indeed help with pain, discovered it last year and it helps. One more thing ::: please Google( Deep underground military bases. ) You wont believe your eyes what you will see. It will also explain many many things about missing money on a Federal level , where your taxes are going, etc etc.

    1. Where/how did you order Keaton. I’ve looked for it in my area and can’t find it.
      Any help would be appreciated. I’ve had surgery on my back twice and neither have relieved to pain.
      Thank you in advance.

  9. I get my corydalis from puritan’s pride. I take it with my medication when my pain is really bad or on it’s own on better days.

  10. I have broke my back in several places I have serious lower back pain I need help

  11. Sometimes I actually want to die,my arthritis is so bad I wake up screaming, opioids quit working years ago,and all doctors think I’m a drug seeker,.ive tried to order cbd,,but it never came,kratom is illegal in Tennessee,i need help

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