This Is How Your Job Destroys Your Brain

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Your job can wreck your brain.

A Harvard study found people with demanding jobs are 50% more likely to be diagnosed with a medical condition. That study also revealed working long hours increases overall death risk by 20%.

Now a new study shows people with certain types of jobs are at 22% greater risk of having a stroke. Women are in the most danger. They face a 33% higher risk when employed in certain industries.

Researchers categorized participants’ job types into four groups based on stress level. These ranged from “passive,” such as janitorial jobs, to “high-stress,” such as nursing.

Which jobs are most lethal to brain health? You might be surprised. It isn’t high-stakes positions such as surgeons or CEOs.

Instead, people in this industry run the biggest stroke risk…

The service industry. The highest-risk jobs include waitresses and nursing aides.

The reason? These are demanding, high-stress jobs. But they also lack authority or control. So while CEOs of large companies face stress… They are the ones who call the shots. This lowers their risk.1

Stress is a killer. You’ll never eliminate it from your life… But there are simple, natural ways to manage it.

One solution is to eat more magnesium-rich foods. Magnesium fights stress by keeping cortisol levels low. It also boosts melatonin production so you can have a more restful night’s sleep.

You can also bring down your stroke risk independent of stress levels. Research shows people who eat the most animal protein have up to 30% lower risk of having a stroke.

Try to add more wild-caught salmon and grass-fed beef to your diet. And talk about a bonus, the omega-3 fatty acids in these foods may also keep your brain sharp.

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