A team of researchers have discovered there’s no truth to the “obesity paradox.” In fact, believing it could end up costing you your life...

Study Debunks Deadly Heart Myth

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For years, researchers have claimed that obese people with heart disease live longer than their slimmer counterparts. This so-called “obesity paradox” made obese people feel better. It also made them less likely to try to lose weight.

Now, new research from the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University reveals the obesity paradox is simply not true. Being obese is dangerous… Especially for people with cardiovascular disease.

The new study took a detailed look at subjects’ weight. And not just at the time of the study. They also looked at each person’s weight history. So if a subject had a normal bodyweight at weigh-in, but was obese for decades before the study, researchers knew about it.

They also took smoking status into account. When they did this… The obesity paradox disappeared.1

No surprises there… Obesity isn’t good for anyone. Heart disease or not. But there are easy ways to fight them both at the same time…

Start by eating right. Avoid sugar, grains, and high-carbohydrate foods. Eat more dark leafy greens and tart organic berries instead. Try to eat more wild-caught salmon. If you can’t do that, find a quality fish oil supplement. Take it every day.

Getting more physical activity is another important step. Even something as simple as taking breaks from sitting to stand up will help.2

If you can take it a step farther than that, go for a brisk walk once. Then move up to twice a day.

There are also tests you can request at your next doctor’s visit to help you know if your heart’s at risk. But we’re not talking about blood pressure readings… About half of them are wrong.

Even the American Heart Association admits more than half of men who die of heart disease show no symptoms. But it’s not because the symptoms weren’t there… Doctors just couldn’t find them.

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