5 Exercises to Improve Core Strength

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Couple doing drunchesProper posture helps maintain a structurally stable body. But how do you achieve proper posture? Well, it all begins in the core. The core is the center of the body and where all movement begins. The core consists of the muscles of the hips, abdominals, and low back. These are some of our largest muscles groups, and provide the human body with the structural integrity it needs to function.

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Antioxidants – Can You Get Too Many?

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As a result of an increased awareness of the damaging effects of free radicals, everywhere you turn someone has a high antioxidant supplement they want you to buy. They range from supplements containing vitamins C and E and the trace mineral selenium (give or take a few nutrients) to supercharged juices made from exotic berries, like acai berries. The prices are anywhere from about $10.00 all the way up to $70.00 for a bottle of juice; or $2.00 for one small square of acai-added chocolate.

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