The Superfood You Already Eat (But Need More Of)

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Health websites are full of information about “superfoods.”

Often they come from strange plants grown in exotic places. Goji berries from China, maca root from the Andes Mountains, and spirulina from Mexico are three examples. 

But the most powerful superfood is one that you are familiar with.

You probably eat it regularly. But recent studies show that more is better.

Researchers have found that it prevents heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and extends lifespan. 

We’re talking about nuts

A new Harvard study may be the largest ever that examined the health effects of eating tree nuts.

It included more than 143,000 people, following their health and diet for up to 24 years.[i]

For years, doctors have told us to limit our consumption of nuts because they are fattening. It turns out the opposite is true.

The researchers found that adding a small amount of nuts to their diet helped prevent subjects from gaining weight.

They needed to eat just a half serving a day to get the benefits. This is the equivalent of 12 almonds, nine cashews, or seven walnuts.[ii] [iii] [iv]

The research team wrote that “increased consumption of nuts is associated with lesslong-term weight gain” despite the fact that nuts are high in calories.[v]

The scientists said that nuts can prevent the gradual weight gain we tend to experience in middle age.

Nuts reduce weight gain because of their high fiber content, researchers believe. Fiber makes us feel full. It also binds with the fats we eat. That causes us to absorb fewer calories.

Nuts are also rich in unsaturated fats. They help burn calories faster.

Which Kind of Nuts Should You Eat?

What are the healthiest kinds of nuts? That may depend on your particular situation.   

Here’s a list of health concerns and the specific nuts that target them:[vi]

  • Weight loss: Almonds, cashews. All nuts help with weight loss, but these are lowest in calories.
  • Heart health: Walnuts contain high levels of alpha linoleic acid, which reduces inflammation and oxidation in arteries.
  • Brain health: Peanuts are packed with folate, an essential nutrient for fighting cognitive decline.
  • Men’s health: Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which promotes prostate health. Pecans are loaded with beta-sitosterol, a compound that relieves benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate.
  • Anti-inflammation: The high vitamin E and fiber content of almonds helps fight inflammation.
  • HDL (“good”) cholesterol: Studies have shown that pistachio consumption is linked to lower HDL.

You can travel the world over, but the best superfood for overall health is right at your supermarket. Eating a few more nuts every day is powerful medicine for your body and brain.

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