Bad Shoulder

Bad Shoulder? Stay Away From This Mainstream Treatment

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Shoulder pain is one of the biggest health complaints among older Americans. Each year, more than 200,000 people have surgery to treat it.

The most common operation is called shoulder decompression. It involves cutting away ligaments and bone spurs to release pressure. It’s supposed to relieve the pain of shoulder impingement and allow the rotator cuff to function better.[1]

Doctors love this procedure because it’s very lucrative. The average cost of should decompression in the U.S. is about $25,000. It can range as high as $31,000.[2]

Now, a new study shows that this common surgery is useless.

The research is part of the Rapid Recommendations Initiative. It’s sponsored by The British Medical Journal. It’s intended to help doctors and patients make better decisions based on the latest evidence in a wide range of medical issues.

An international panel of physiotherapists, surgeons, clinicians, and patients carried out a detailed analysis of shoulder decompression surgery.

They concluded that virtually no one should get it.

They based their decision on two systematic evidence reviews. One weighed the benefits against the harms of the procedure. The other assessed whether there were any meaningful improvements in movement, pain, or quality of life.

It was not a close call.

The panel concluded the surgery yielded precisely zilch in terms of benefits.

They found shoulder decompression is “burdensome, has the potential for serious harm, and is expensive.”

A Better Shoulder Pain Solution

If you’ve been diagnosed with shoulder impingement, don’t let your doctor talk you into decompression surgery. It doesn’t work.

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