This Common Joint Supplement Can Add Years to Your Life

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It’s one of the most important substances for keeping your cartilage intact. But new research from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found that it offers a surprising benefit: It may help you live longer.

Now most people take this supplement to support their joints. Decades of study shows it helps reduce wear and tear of cartilage that comes with age…improve mobility…maintain the cushioning fluid between your joints…and supports flexibility.

Researchers gave this supplement to 100 week-old mice. That’s the equivalent of being 65 years old in human years. Regardless of gender or body composition, this supplement increased their lifespan by 10 percent. For humans, that’s eight full years.1

You may already be taking this every day to help support your joints… And if you aren’t, you’ll want to start as soon as possible…

Glucosamine helps add years to your life.

Your body produces glucosamine every day. It helps create the molecules that form and maintain your cartilage. As you get older, your body produces less of it. And it takes more of it than your body is making to stay limber. This is why people over 50 years old are prone to developing joint and cartilage issues.

Research already shows that it helps your joints feel younger and more flexible… But how can it help you to live longer? The answer has nothing to do with your joints.

Both groups of mice in this study ate the same foods. They also ate the same amount of carbohydrates. But according to one researcher, the glucosamine group had “… the metabolic state of a low-carb diet due to glucosamine supplementation alone.”2 Glucosamine can help prevent the breakdown of large sugars into smaller ones. In other words, taking it mimics the effect of a low-carb diet. You know, like the ones we recommend you eat.

We’ve told you before that a low-carb diet can have amazing health benefits. It helps you lower inflammation and keep you heart healthy. So of course following one can help you live longer. And now we are finding out that supplementing with glucosamine can have the same effect.

Your body produces glucosamine naturally, but you won’t get it from food. For the best results, you’ll need to supplement. Our PrimeFlex-5 formula includes research-backed dosages of glucosamine…plus the four other must-have nutrients for better mobility, better cushioning, better pain-control, and better joint heath results than you’re getting now. Including the South Pacific “secret” discovered by NASA. All the details are HERE.

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