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Is This the Cure for Alzheimer’s?

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Mainstream medicine is baffled by Alzheimer’s.

They don’t know what causes it.

They don’t know how to prevent it.

And they have no idea how to treat it.

Yes, there are a few FDA-approved drugs for Alzheimer’s. But they don’t stop the disease from progressing. They merely suppress some of the symptoms. And they don’t even do that well.

But now, two scientists say they may have unlocked the key to reversing Alzheimer’s. It has to do with oxygen. And they say it has already worked in 11 patients.[1]

Scientists looked at the case of a 58-year-old woman. Over five years she had experienced cognitive decline. Brain scans confirmed she had Alzheimer’s.

Doctors treated her with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

The woman was given 40 treatments over 66 days.

A third of the way through the regimen, she reported higher energy levels and being more active. Her mood improved. She was better at crossword puzzles and daily tasks.

After 40 treatments, her memory and concentration came back.  Her sleep quality, appetite, and ability to use a computer improved. She had decreased anxiety and disorientation. Physical factors such as tremors, deep knee bends, and motor speed improved.

PET brain scans confirmed that her brain had healed. Her brain metabolism readings were more like a normal person’s than someone with Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Paul Harch was one of the study leaders. “We demonstrated the largest improvement in brain metabolism of any therapy for Alzheimer’s disease,” he said.

He explained that the HBOT treatment may be the first “not only to halt, but temporarily reverse disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease.”[2]

Dr. Edward Fogarty also worked on the study. Oxygen therapy, he said, “has promise where no other real hope for recovery of dementia has ever existed before.”

HBOT: New Hope for Alzheimer’s Patients

In HBOT, you are placed in a special room or chamber. You breathe pure oxygen while exposed to higher pressure. This enables your lungs to absorb more oxygen.

Your blood becomes highly enriched with oxygen. This stimulates stem cells and growth factors that promote healing.[3]

HBOT is a widely used treatment for conditions other than Alzheimer’s. It benefits people with infections, wounds, burns, anemia and embolisms.[4]

To find an HBOT clinic in your area, go here.

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