This Flu Folk Remedy Makes You Better Fast

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There are two drugs on the market to combat flu. One is old (TamiFlu). And one is new (Xofluza).

But they both have problems…

You have to take them within a day of feeling sick. They don’t work very well. And they have bizarre, sometimes serious mental side effects.   

But recently studies show that a tried-and-true folk remedy for flu may work better—without side effects.

Researchers at Israel’s Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School Department of Virology divided flu patients into two groups. Some were given elderberry syrup (Sambucol). The others got a placebo.1
More than 93% of the elderberry group got significantly better in just two days. It took six days for the placebo group to start to recover.

Another study looked at 60 adult flu patients. All had been suffering with symptoms for two days or less.2

They were given 15 ml of either elderberry or a placebo syrup, four times a day for five days.

The elderberry group felt better four days sooner than the placebo group on average. Patients taking elderberry also needed less medication. The study authors concluded that “Elderberry extract seems to offer an efficient, safe, and cost-effective treatment for influenza.”

A third study was a randomized, double-blind trial. It found that 60% of flu patients who took elderberry extract had symptom relief after 48 hours. In 28% of the patients, the symptoms were totally gone at that point. No one in the placebo group had any relief.3

A Natural Flu Treatment With Proven Results

Now that flu season is underway, you could do worse than to have some elderberry on hand.4a>

Most studies used the syrup (Sambucol) form of elderberry. It is commonly available online and in health food stores. Follow the directions on the label for dosage.

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