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The Key to Staying Out of the Nursing Home

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Our quality of life is due in large part to doing what we want, when we want.

That’s why, as we get older, the ability to live independently becomes precious.

We want to be able to drive and remain mobile for as long as possible. We want to continue to live in our own home. And we want to remain physically capable of doing the things we love.

A new study shows there’s one crucial factor that can preserve your ability to live independently and stay out of assisted living.

Researchers reviewed data from the Newcastle 85+ Study, which was conducted in the U.K. They were interested in whether eating more protein helped elderly people maintain independence.1

Protein is vitally important for muscles. It builds muscle tissue. And sufficient muscle mass is required to perform basic daily tasks that allow seniors to live independently.

The study included 722 people who were 85 years old. Researchers logged their height, weight, and daily diet. They also examined the subjects’ medical records.

Researchers looked at the increase in subjects’ disability over a five-year period.

Seniors who ate more protein were far less likely to become disabled.

Dr. Nuno Mendonca was the lead author of the study. “Our findings support current thinking about increasing the recommended daily intake of protein to maintain active and healthy aging.”

Make Sure You Get the Protein You Need

We’ve been saying for years that it’s crucial to maintain a high-protein diet. And the scientific data keeps backing us up.

Adults should get at least a third of their calories from protein. If you typically eat 2,000 calories a day, you should get about 150 grams of protein.

In addition to making sure each meal has a substantial dose of protein, make sure your snacks are protein-heavy.

Excellent sources of protein include:

  • Organic turkey and chicken
  • Grass-fed beef and pork
  • Wild-caught fish and shellfish
  • Raw nuts and seeds, including almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts
  • Pastured eggs
  • Full-fat organic dairy
  • Whey protein drinks

No one wants to go into a nursing home if they don’t have to. And by building your muscles with protein, you’ll increase your chances of living out your days being able to care for yourself and continuing to do the things you love.

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