A new Rutgers University study finds that a vegetarian diet is no better for preventing heart disease than one that includes meat.

Vegetarian Diet Doesn’t Help Your Heart, Study Finds

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A massive new study shows that a vegetarian diet is no more heart-healthy than one with meat.1

Rutgers University scientists have painstakingly analyzed the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. This is a major research effort that took a detailed look at the health and nutritional status of more than 12,000 Americans.2

The analysis showed that 2.3% of the people in the survey were vegetarians. And over a 10-year period their risk of developing heart disease was the same as meat eaters.3

The findings likely come as a surprise to many people. For years, we were told to cut out red meat, butter, and eggs to avoid heart disease. And the new findings contradict previous studies which found that a meat-free diet leads to better heart health.

But many of those earlier studies had a fatal flaw. They didn’t correct their data for gender and age. Vegetarians are often young women. And this group, whether they eat meat or not, has a lower heart disease risk than the general population.

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The Rutgers researchers did factor in subjects’ sex and age. And when they did, the difference in heart risk between vegetarians and meat eaters “was not statistically significant,” said the study authors.4

The analysis did show that vegetarians were thinner on average than meat eaters. But their overall heart risk was not different.5

Debunking the Vegetarian Heart Health Myth

We’re not surprised in the least by the new findings.

We’ve long recommended the meat-rich Paleo-style diet for optimal overall health. It reduces blood sugar, lowers cancer risk, improves sleep, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. It also reduces the inflammation that can lead to heart disease.

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  1. ou recently posted an article on the “myth” that a vegetarian diet is a good preventer of heart disease. We all know that research is only as good as the test subjects it collects from. These studies base their evidence on the data collected from random subjects. You cannot effectively release a study about vegetarians without knowing what type of vegetarians they are; ie. ovo-lacto, pescetarian, pollotarian, etc. A vegetarian like me who is conscious about what I put in my body v.s. a vegetarian who lives on cheese pizza and coke will have two very different outcomes in a study. I ensure that my diet is balanced with omega-3 rich grains, nuts and oils. I ensure I get a balance of iron rich leafy vegetables, legumes and other vegetables. I ensure my proteins come from healthy plant based sources and that I introduce B-vitamin rich foods to supplement from the loss of B-vitamins in meat. I also exercise regularly, incorporating strength training between my cardio days. Obviously there are more factors than just my diet that are working in my favor, however, a proper vegetarian diet compared to a proper meat diet is going to have less saturated and trans fats, which deposit plaque on arteries, which is one cause of heart disease. If the people in the study did not get heart disease, then they just didn’t get it. That doesn’t mean their diet didn’t put them at risk. These studies are obviously inflated to produce a reaction for a specific demographic of people. It’s always about money, so either the big food companies gave a payoff for this article, or it was for the benefit of selling some herbal supplement. Either way, I disagree with the findings, and am happy to hand over the paleo diet to those who are slowly destroying our ecosystems on an unsustainable food source…animals. Unsustainable due to the fact that Americans eat and waste far too much meat than our planet can sustain.

  2. Who where the corporations who sponsored the study?

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