Purdue University researchers have found that corn fiber prebiotic supplements boost bone health and may prevent osteoporosis.

Researchers Discover Safe, Natural Solution for Bone Health

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For years, women at risk for osteoporosis had few good options.

Doctors often prescribed drugs like Fosamax (alendronate). It’s the most popular in a class of medications called bisphosphonates. They are supposed to increase bone density by slowing the body’s natural process of bone breakdown.

But a landmark 2012 study in the New England Journal of Medicine exposed the dangers of bisphosphonates. It showed that with long-term use they actually trigger the problem they are supposed to prevent. They cause bones to weaken and break.1,2

Another option is calcium supplements. But calcium pills have been linked to heart trouble. The most recent study was released by Johns Hopkins University just a few weeks ago. It analyzed 10 years of medical data on 2,700 Americans.

Researchers found that people who take calcium supplements have a significant increase in heart disease risk. They are more likely to have artery plaque buildup.3

Now, there may be a better solution.

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Prebiotic Fiber Builds Stronger Bones Without the Risks

Prebiotic fiber supplements have long been used for digestive health. They provide food for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. But a new Purdue University study shows that they also help build stronger bones.4

In fact, the effect is so powerful that it may completely halt the bone loss that typically comes after menopause.

Scientists gave post-menopausal women up to 20 grams a day of soluble corn fiber. After 50 days they measured the subjects’ bone calcium retention, which is a marker for bone strength. The women taking 20 grams a day of the prebiotic improved their calcium retention by 7%.

“If projected out for a year, this would equal and counter the average rate of bone loss in a post-menopausal woman,” said Dr. Connie Weaver. She is head of nutrition science at Purdue and author of the study. Her research appears in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“We found this prebiotic can help healthy people use minerals better to support bone health,” said Dr. Weaver.

She also recommends that women get plenty of calcium. But from foods, not supplements. Foods high in calcium include sardines, dark leafy greens, broccoli, and fresh figs.

You can find soluble corn fiber supplements online and in health food stores. One excellent brand is made from non-GMO corn by a company called Prescribed for Life.

Bone loss is just one more thing we have to worry about as we get older. But recent studies show that the symptoms of aging can be treated or eliminated. Go here to discover specific ways you can stop the clock.

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