A landmark study by the American Cancer Society finds that men do not increase their risk of prostate cancer when they get a vasectomy.

Vasectomy Doesn’t Cause Prostate Cancer, Large Study Finds

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There have been many studies over the years examining a possible link between vasectomy and prostate cancer. The results have been all over the place.

Some showed no link at all. Others indicated men who had the birth control procedure increased their risk of getting prostate cancer by 60% or more.1,2

A major new study by the American Cancer Society may finally settle the question.  

The massive research project is the biggest of its kind. It reviewed data on almost 364,000 men aged 40 or older. It followed them for 30 years, beginning in 1982.

The verdict?

There is no correlation between vasectomy and prostate cancer.3,4 The findings were just published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. Eric Jacobs is a cancer epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society. He led the study. “The overall weight of all of the evidence is that vasectomy is unlikely to meaningfully increase risk of any type of prostate cancer,” he said.

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Don’t Be Scared to Snip

About 10% of men in America have had a vasectomy. The procedure involves cutting, sealing, or blocking the tubes that sperm move through when leaving the testicles. The prostate gland is close to these tubes. It adds fluid to semen.

In the wake of the new study, prostate cancer should not be an issue if a man is considering a vasectomy, said Dr. Jacobs.

“Vasectomy is an effective and inexpensive long-term method of birth control,” he said. “If there’s no increase in risk (of prostate cancer), nobody should be discouraged.”

The biggest risk factor for prostate cancer is one you cannot avoid. It is age.

Six in 10 cases of prostate cancer are found in men over 65.5 The good news? The vast majority of these cancers are harmless and the men who have them die of other causes. The mortality rate of prostate cancer is less than 2%.6

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