One vitamin protects men against prostate cancer...

This One Vitamin Thwarts Prostate Cancer

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A new study published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology found men with low levels of vitamin D develop more aggressive prostate cancer.

The study sampled vitamin D levels in men in the months before they had surgery to remove their prostate. This is a procedure called radical prostatectomy. The lower their vitamin D levels, the more aggressive their cancer was at the time of surgery.

No Surgery Needed

Researchers say vitamin D slows the growth of pre-cancerous and cancerous cells. They believe it may starve tumors of the fuel they need.

The research particularly helps men who have prostate cancer but are using the “watchful waiting” approach. Instead of immediate surgery, these patients wait to see if the prostate cancer increases to the point that removal is required.

Taking vitamin D should slow any growth. Some patients can live the rest of their lives with prostate cancer.1

Good food sources of vitamin D include wild-caught salmon and other fatty fish, eggs, and mushrooms. Sun exposure also boosts levels. But researchers recommend men take a vitamin D3 supplement to ensure they get adequate amounts.

Men up to age 70 should get at least 600 IUs a day. Those over 70 should take at least 800 IUs a day. We recommend up to 5,000 IUs a day from supplements.

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