A scary new study finds that starchy foods are linked to lung cancer… even if you don’t smoke.

This is How Potatoes Can Give You Cancer

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Are starchy foods the new cigarette?

Even if you don’t smoke, a high-glycemic diet can lead to lung cancer.

That’s the surprising finding of a new study by the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. It found that people with a high-glycemic diet have a dramatically higher risk of lung cancer… Even if they don’t smoke.1

Researchers studied more than 1,900 lung cancer patients and more than 2,400 cancer-free people.

The scientists focused on the glycemic index of the subjects’ diets. Starchy foods, such as white bread and potatoes, have high-glycemic indexes. They cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

The people with the highest glycemic diets had a 49% greater risk of developing lung cancer than those with the lowest.2 Among nonsmokers, a high-glycemic diet more than doubled the odds of lung cancer.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of lung cancer. But researchers have long been puzzled by non-smokers getting the disease. This new study helps provide the answer.3

Besides white bread and potatoes, high-glycemic foods include white rice, bagels, pretzels, and corn flakes.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. It kills more than 150,000 Americans a year.

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  1. Bleaching of foods and stripping the of their nutrients will truly qualify these foods as killers…all the pesticides required to make them USDA ready for sell…hummm make me wonder why their helping sickness rise…additives and sprays (Round Up) anyone…food in it’s simplest or natural form is great it’s when man trying to improve upon the Creator creations is when things gooo real bad. My thoughts.

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