Prostate cancer patients travel to remote areas of the Amazon for this prostate cancer-killing extract. But there’s an easier way to find it.

Prostate Cancer Remedy Discovered in Amazon Rainforest

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An ancient remedy from the Amazon can help cure prostate cancer. And it doesn’t cause impotence and incontinence like modern cancer treatments.

It comes from the bark of the Pao Pereira tree.

Dr. Mirko Beljanski was a molecular biologist at the acclaimed Pasteur Institute in France. He studied the tree bark extract for decades. He found it stops DNA from turning cancerous.1

Dr. Beljanski also discovered that the extract kills cancer cells. But it leaves healthy ones unharmed.2

Pao Pereira bark is rich in beta-carboline alkaloids. Studies show these compounds lower inflammation, a major cancer risk factor.3,4

In other research, Chinese scientists found Pao Pereira extract stops prostate cancer from spreading.5 Native healers in South America have used it for centuries to treat everything from stomachaches to malaria.6,7

Dr. Beljanski developed and patented the Oncotest in the 1970s. This scientific breakthrough lets scientists test whether a substance is cancer causing.9

European doctors have begun treating cancer patients with Pao Pereira. They use it as an adjunct treatment to radiation or chemo. It helps patients go into remission faster and reduces side effects.8

Doctors in the U.S. have not yet started offering Pao Pereira. However, you can get supplements containing the extract online. They come in capsule and tincture forms.

There are other natural ways to fight prostate cancer.

There’s a Middle Eastern seed that kills aggressive cancer at its source. A vitamin that fights tumors and improves memory at the same time. And a mushroom that teams up with your natural tumor-fighting response to halt cancer growth.

Get all the details—and find out why the PSA test for prostate cancer is “hardly more effective than a coin toss”—HERE.

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