This health all-star may help prevent dementia and make you mentally sharper, new research shows.

Stave Off Memory Problems With This Health All-Star

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Probiotics can fight everything from candida to depression.1,2 You also know they can keep your immune and digestive systems in tip-top shape.

Now new research shows the “good” bacteria Bifidobacterium longum 1714—or B. longum 1714 for short—helps preserve your memory. This may keep dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

Ted Dinan, head of psychiatry at University College Cork in Ireland led the study.3 He had men take a B. longum 1714 supplement for a month. Afterward, they performed better on memory tests than those taking a placebo.4

They also enjoyed lower levels of the stress marker cortisol. High levels can lead to stress and anxiety, which can speed cognitive decline.5

What’s the best way to get a brain boost from probiotics?

You may not be able to find a supplement that contains the same type of B. longum used in the study. But that’s OK.

Other strains may be just as beneficial. Look for a formulation that includes B. longum BB536 along with different types of Lactobacillus and Lactococcus.6 You can easily find these at your local health store.

And choose supplements that have more than 1 billion CFUs per dose. Aim for at least 10 billion CFUs a day and you may see even better results than the men in the study.

There are other natural ways to keep your brain functioning at its best. Decades of research on one natural herb is impressive to say the least… And Big Pharma knows it. That’s why they’re in a hurry to turn this extract into an expensive drug.

But you can get it for just pennies a day.

Go here to get all the details on this memory miracle.

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