Is your heart older than you are? New research reveals the average American’s heart may be at least five years older than their age. Here’s why… And how to fix it.

Do You Know How Old Your Heart Really Is?

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Your “heart age” describes how old your cardiovascular system is. It’s measured by the number of heart attack or stroke risk factors you may have…1 The more you have, the older your heart age.

And now the CDC has updated the Framingham CVD risk calculator to determine what that number is…

Researchers at the CDC gathered data from the Framingham Heart Study and all 50 states. Then they used their new and improved heart risk calculator to estimate the heart age of each study participant. Things like smoking status and high blood pressure treatments were factored in to the equation.2 What they found was concerning to say the least…

About 70 million adults in the U.S. have a heart that’s older than they are.3

Men had an average heart age eight years older than their chronological age. And women weren’t far behind. They had an average of five extra years tacked on to their heart age.4 That means they are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. That’s bad news considering these conditions kill 740,000 people combined in the U.S. each year.5,6

Some risk factors you can’t control… Like a family history of cardiovascular illness. But there’s plenty you can do to keep your heart young…

Start by cutting out sugary snacks. Replace them with organic grapes. Their high resveratrol content—a powerful antioxidant—can help bring high blood pressure back to normal.7

Sticking to a fitness routine is also necessary for your best heart health. But the wrong kind of exercise can actually age your heart faster. Long-distance running, for example, can leave scars on your heart that make you vulnerable to heart failure.8,9 Stick with high-intensity interval training.

But don’t wait for your doctor to find something wrong with your heart…

Almost half of all blood pressure readings are wrong. And doctors disagree 42% of the time about whether or not an angiogram test shows any cause for concern.

Even the American Heart Association admits more than half of men who die of heart disease show no symptoms. But it’s not because the symptoms weren’t there… Doctors just couldn’t find them.

Discover the little-known test that detects heart disease quicker than the ones used in every doctors’ office and hospital across the country… And how a natural “warrior extract” can treat it without any toxic statins or dangerous surgeries.

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