Vitamin B12 can keep you feeling younger as you get older. You could be lost without it. Getting enough of it is a real challenge. But this oceanic wonder has you covered!

This Oceanic All-Star Keeps Alzheimer’s at Bay

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Insufficient levels of B12 can actually make your brain get smaller with age.1 This can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s.2

But B12 can be a little hard to come by.

That may help explain why more than 47 million Americans are deficient.3 It’s tricky to get from food alone since not many foods have much B12. And some of the foods that are high in this vitamin aren’t exactly high on taste or appeal.

Luckily, there’s one food that is the heavyweight champion. If you want to put your Alzheimer’s worries to rest and clear brain fog, just look to the sea for help.

Clams are tasty bivalves that come in many varieties…and they’re full of vitamin B12.

B12 is very effective at lowering homocysteine levels…by as much as 29 percent. High levels of homocysteine are linked to AD.4 So you need adequate levels of B12 to lower it.

It only takes about 9 medium clams to deliver 84 mcg. That’s over 1,400 percent of the daily value for B12.5

The only other food that even comes close to delivering that much is beef liver. But that’s not exactly easy to find… Or easy to stomach.

In addition to vitamin B12, clams are an excellent source of clean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and selenium. A three-ounce serving of clams has more iron than a T-bone steak and over 20g of protein.

Just make sure to buy wild-caught clams to get the full range of natural benefits.

And there’s good news for all of you non-chefs out there…

Clams are extremely easy to prepare.

Make sure to thoroughly scrub the clams before cooking. After all, they make their home in sand. You can steam or boil them.

When the shells open, they’re done cooking. Don’t overcook them or the meat will get very tough. Just take care to discard any clams that don’t open up during cooking. You definitely do NOT want to eat those.

Adding clams to your diet is a great way to get the vitamin B12 that your brain craves as you get older. This may keep you from becoming a victim of Alzheimer’s or cognitive decline. It may even keep your brain from shrinking. But it’s also an excellent way to add some variety—and extra protein—to your paleo-style diet.

And big news on the Alzheimer’s front…after decades of research, scientists are realizing just how well one natural herb extract works to keep your mind sharp and memories intact.

Only thing is, Big Pharma is realizing it, too. And they want in. But you can get your hands on this extract and start using it today…before Big Pharma turns it into an expensive, side effect-laden drug. Go here to discover all the details.

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