This “healthy” oil is in everything from frozen meals to salad dressings. But research shows it may be putting you at risk for diabetes, weight gain, and worse.

Big Food’s Favorite “Healthy” Fat Is Giving You Diabetes

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First the FDA demonized saturated fats… Then they were quick to offer us bad advice about “healthier” replacements for them.

Like canola oil. The FDA says its unsaturated fatty acids are good for your heart.1 But toxic aldehydes from it can build up in your body. This could lead to heart disease and cancer.

And that’s not the only FDA-approved oil putting you at risk. A new study out of the University of California reveals this “healthy” vegetable oil is harder on your body than sugar…

Researchers fed mice four diets made up of 40% fat. They wanted to see how different types of fat would affect metabolic factors. Like insulin resistance and weight gain. Two of the diets contained fructose as well. It’s a sugar you’ll find in sodas and processed foods.

The results were downright disturbing.

Mice eating this fat source gained up to 25% more weight than mice on other diets.2 This oil also turned their livers fatty. It even caused them to develop diabetes.3 Even worse than the diets high in fructose or saturated fat.

In fact, any group that ate any amount of this ingredient suffered more negative health consequences than any of the other groups.

So what is this dangerous fat?

Soybean oil.

The varying amounts of soybean oil the mice ate mimicked the amounts the average North American eats. You probably don’t even realize how much of it you’re getting in your diet.

Even more unsettling? The genes in mice livers behave similarly to the genes in human livers. That means if soybean oil causes mice to have fatty livers… You can bet it does the same to us.4

Our advice? Don’t touch any form of soybean oil… Especially not the trans fat-laden shortening variety. Eating these man-made fats can lead to heart disease.

Soybean oil is used in salad dressings, frozen meals, and processed baked goods. If a processed food uses vegetable oil, you can assume it contains soy… So your best bet is to ditch packaged foods altogether.

Eat fresh foods instead. And use real heart-healthy fats—like avocado oil or ghee—to cook them. They may help balance your insulin levels and maintain a healthy weight.

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Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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