About a third of Americans are living with this condition. New research shows it can increase risk of cancer death by 40% in men… And double that for women.

This Condition Can Increase Cancer Risk by 133%

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Carrying too much extra body fat isn’t just bad for your self-esteem. It’s associated with one in every five deaths in America.1

That’s because it’s a major factor in developing deadly health conditions. These include diabetes, heart disease, and even strokes.2 And new research reveals an even bigger threat: Being obese raises risk for seven different cancers in women. And we don’t mean by a point or two… We’re talking at least a 25% increase:

Cancer Risk
Breast 25%
Pancreatic 31%
Bowel 32%
Kidney 78%
Gallbladder 100%
Uterine 131%
Esophageal 133%

But it’s not only a risk factor for women… It raises cancer risk in men, too.

One study found obesity was the cause of 34,000 new cases of cancer in men in 2007.3 Another study revealed men who were the most obese were 40% more likely to die of cancer. But it was even scarier for the most obese women… They were at up to 80% greater risk of dying than non-obese women.4

It doesn’t surprise us… We’ve told you before that a having higher levels of body fat can increase your ovarian cancer risk.5 The latest research from Europe reveals a 41% increased risk compared to women of a healthy weight.6

But why? One reason is the over-production of estrogen. Fat cells make you produce more of it. This hormone is linked to several cancers…like breast, melanoma, and prostate.7 Excess fat also makes hormones called adipokines. They promote tumor growth.8 And carrying extra fat tissue can cause hyperinsulinemia…another condition that can cause tumors to grow.9

Keeping a healthy weight—and reducing body fat—can help lower your odds of developing cancer.

Start by adding exercise. Just 20 minutes a day can reduce your all-cause mortality risk by 30%.10 Even a brisk walk after dinner can help. When you’re ready, add running into your routine. High-intensity interval training can reduce your risk even more. And that shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Remember, your cancer risk may increase by 10% for every two hours you spend sedentary.11

Try changing your diet a little at a time too. Add MCT oil to the foods you already eat. It’s a natural oil made from coconuts that helps burn fat.12 Then make another small change. Cut back to one soda a day…then every other day…then none at all.

But these aren’t the only natural ways to protect yourself—and the ones you love—from cancer…

In a small lab in Hungary, scientists witnessed a unique breakthrough in natural cancer treatment. A compound that outperformed the world’s bestselling cancer drug by 50%. Their discovery even appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. And don’t call it a fluke… More than 100 different lab and clinical trials support their findings.

It’s 100% legal. You don’t need a prescription. And it doesn’t come with toxic side effects like chemo does. As dangerous as it is to cancer cells…it won’t harm you.

But this isn’t the only natural cancer-fighter to burst onto the scene in the last few years…

Other science-backed treatments are starving, isolating, and wiping out cancer naturally. Like the mushroom-based formula that boosts natural killer (NK) cells by up to 900%… And the “sticky” citrus secret one doctor in Israel found cripples cancer’s ability to spread—and survive.

And I’m only scratching the surface. Get all the details HERE.

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