Doctors are quick to prescribe hormone therapy for menopause. But there’s a natural compound that may fight off symptoms—without any harmful side effects.

Your Natural Secret for Healthier Hormones

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Menopause is no joke.

As estradiol levels drop (the main form of estrogen), it can cause irritating health problems… Things like joint pain and vaginal infections. It can also lead to more urgent threats—like bone loss.1

But synthetic hormones aren’t your only solution—despite what your doctor may tell you. In fact, don’t even think of them as a solution at all. Estrogen therapy can increase your odds of breast cancer, stroke, and heart attacks. And your doctor’s alternatives aren’t any better…

Take venlafaxine for example. This isn’t a hormone pill… It’s antidepressant that can reduce menopause symptoms by 48%. But it comes with deadly side effects… We’re talking hallucinations, loss of appetite, and even suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

There is, however, an alternative your doctor doesn’t know…

French researchers found that a natural compound in fruit increased bone density in mice… Even after they were injected with a substance that promoted inflammation.2 That’s because this substance is similar to estradiol.

And it’s not just mice… Scientists in another study had women take this compound orally. It helped raise natural levels of estradiol. Researchers suggest this chemical forced its way to their ovaries. That’s where it took on the role of estrogen.3 This means it may be able to help normalize hormone levels during menopause.

This compound isn’t hard to find. You can get it from one of the most popular items in the produce aisle…

So what’s the natural solution that holds this hormone-boosting power?

Phloridzin…which is found in apples. And it may do more than help prevent bone loss… It might also help prevent one of the most frustrating symptoms of menopause: low sex drive.

In an Italian study, one group of women ate at least one apple a day. The other ate less than one. Then they filled out a questionnaire about their sex life.

The women who ate more apples had higher phloridzin levels. Not only that, they were having more sex… And getting more pleasure when they did.4

As an added bonus, this natural compound helps regulate blood sugar and protect your heart.5 It may even help extend your lifespan.6

Don’t let your doctor push dangerous hormone therapy on you at the first sign of low hormones. Getting more phloridzin may be a safer way to experience the same benefits. You can also get it from eating cherries, apricots, and plums.7 Try adding these natural estrogen-boosters to your diet first.

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