Exercise does more for your health than prevent heart disease… About 30 minutes of it a day reduce your risk of facing erectile dysfunction by 41%.

How to Reclaim Your Sex Life in 30 Minutes

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We’ve told you before that 10 minutes of exercise a day could make you 50% less likely to die of heart complications.1 Research also shows people with high fitness levels can reduce their hypertension risk by up to 20%.2 But there’s another reason to get more of it…

It may reduce your risk of facing erectile dysfunction (ED).

Researchers at Harvard found a 30-minute walk each day was enough to reduce men’s risk of facing this embarrassing problem by 41%. And a new study on overweight men in their 60s found higher intensity exercise led to even better results.

The fittest men in this study were at the least risk for developing ED. But their time spent exercising led to another benefit they—and their wives—could enjoy. Men with the highest fitness levels also reported the most sexual satisfaction. They were having better sex… And they were having it more often. It only took them about two total hours of high-intensity exercise a week.3

This latest study has experts saying doctors may one day prescribe—not just suggest—exercise to treat ED. But most doctors have something different in mind.

For your doctor, the solution may seem simple: Viagra. Or another pill. And if it means getting their sex life back to normal…most men won’t think twice about taking it. Problem is, ED pills don’t work for up to 40% of them.

Even if they do, taking one can lead to serious side effects. Things like muscle pain, loss of vision, and even memory problems. They’ll affect about 22% of men taking it.4 But exercise is a safer—and more beneficial—solution.

The weight loss that comes with exercise isn’t just for vanity’s sake. And we’re not talking about lowering your risk for diabetes and heart disease, either. Keeping a slim waistline helps lower your odds of developing ED. Men with a 42-inch waist may be up to 50% more likely to have ED than those with a 32-inch waist.

Start with taking a walk after dinner. Work your way up to higher-intensity exercise for even better results.5 That’s when you can turn to your diet for help. Just adding watermelon to your diet may help you get the most ED-fighting power out of any workout routine you choose.6 But these aren’t the only ways to reclaim your manhood…

Most men think problems like lack of energy or libido are a natural consequence of getting older… But that’s not the case. Truth is, it may actually be an easy-to-fix chemical imbalance. One you can start repairing in a matter of minutes.

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