Your doctor thinks they’re an easy way to manage back pain. But there’s something he isn’t telling you… Research reveals these common painkillers are useless.

The Truth About Your Back Pain

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OTC painkillers are supposed to be a quick and easy solution. But new research confirms what we’ve been telling Health Watch readers for years: These drugs may be a total waste of your time…especially when it comes to back pain.1

Researchers in Australia looked at 13 different trials on acetaminophen use and lower back pain. They found it was ineffective when it came to reducing pain intensity and disability. And it had no impact on quality of life. In other words, it doesn’t work. 

It doesn’t surprise us… These pills do nothing to help treat the root cause of the problem. They don’t prevent inflammation that causes back pain. Now this research shows they can’t even keep it under control. And it isn’t the first time, either. An earlier study found a placebo worked better than acetaminophen. Patients taking the placebo took one day off the time it took them to recover from back pain.2

And like we’ve said before… These drugs aren’t just wasting your time and money. They’re dangerous.

Some painkillers can increase your risk of a stroke by 98%. And the researchers in the Australian study ran into another dangerous side effect we’ve been telling you about for years: liver toxicity. According to lead author, Dr. Gustavo Machado, “Use of paracetamol for low back pain . . . was also shown to be associated with higher risk of liver toxicity in patients.”

That’s dangerous enough. But use is also linked to a higher mortality and increased risk of serious diseases… They range from heart disease to kidney failure.3

Many of us deal with chronic pain as we age. In fact, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability around the world.4 But despite what your doctor tells you… Painkillers and bed rest aren’t the solutions. There are natural alternatives for treating it. Even preventing it in the first place.

Something as simple as adding ginger to your diet can relieve arthritic pain and inflammation. And it doesn’t come with the risk of major side effects. Staying active is another proven solution for relieving back pain. And it doesn’t have to come from strenuous exercise. Just standing for five minutes each hour may help decrease lower back pain by 23%.

But there’s an even more effective solution at your disposal… One you may not even realize is an option.

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