Eating these may be the easiest thing you do today to help add years to your life. Research shows this healthy snack may reduce all-cause mortality risk by 20%.

Live Longer by Snacking on These

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They’re a high-protein snack that give you energy. The problem is, most people aren’t eating the right kind…or they aren’t eating any at all. But a new study shows that could be a big mistake. That’s because eating this simple food may help you live longer.

Researchers looked at three different studies involving about 200,000 people. Results came from a diverse group of subjects… It included Americans of African and European descent. But they also looked at people in Shanghai.

All three studies revealed people who ate these were 20% less likely to die…for any reason.1 You already know these protein-packed foods are antioxidant powerhouses. They provide a strong defense against oxidative stress and free radical damage.

The arginine in them may play a part too. It helps widen blood vessels. This promotes proper blood flow.2 It may explain why they help reduce risk of death from heart disease. But studies also reveal their fatty acid content doesn’t just help your brain work better… They also help reduce all-cause mortality.3

What is this health-boosting snack?

I’m talking about nuts.

They all have benefits. Walnuts can protect your brain. That’s because they contain vitamin A. They’re also a great source of omega-3.

Almonds and cashews are good choices too. They’re both rich in magnesium. We’ve told you before that low levels of it can cut your life short. In fact, one ounce of almonds and cashews contain about 70 mg of magnesium. Together that’s only about 20 nuts.

Just be careful when you’re buying them… Not all nuts are going to offer you the same health benefits. Avoid the seasoned and salted varieties. Don’t even bother with the ones that come covered in chocolate or dipped in yogurt. Those are a dessert at best. Not a healthy snack.

Your best bet is to get raw nuts whenever you can. The less processing, the better… Even if they take a little extra work to enjoy—like pistachios. Buy them fresh whenever possible. It doesn’t just improve taste…it helps cut back your exposure to toxic mold.

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