Doctors say your colon cancer risk goes up just by getting older... That may be true. But eating these five foods may help prevent it altogether.

Five Foods for Fighting Colon Cancer (You’ll Love #3)

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You can’t change your genetics…or your age. For most doctors, these are the two major factors at play when it comes to developing colon cancer. But most of them overlook the value of lifestyle factors in preventing this disease…especially when it comes to diet.

Here are five foods that help reduce colon cancer risk.

1. Almonds: They’re one of the healthiest nuts you can eat. They’re rich in magnesium and fiber…two powerful ingredients for fighting off colon cancer.

About a half-cup of almonds helps prevent this deadly disease by 25%. Doubling this serving will give you 86% of you daily fiber intake. That’s great for your digestive tract… And keeping your colon working at its best.1

2. Black Raspberries: A study shows that this rare fruit can prevent tumor growth. Eating these berries every day helps shrink tumors in the colon by 50% in just three months.2 It’s because of their antioxidant content. Foods rich in antioxidants are great for reducing inflammation.3

Freeze-dried black raspberries are the way to go. They help fight cancer by nearly ten-fold.4 Finding freeze-dried or even fresh black raspberries may be difficult… But you can get it online in powder and supplement form.

3. Chocolate: This sweet treat can stop colon cancer in its tracks. It’s because they’re packed with polyphenols. They’re inflammation-fighting machines…and they block oxidative stress.

Look for organic bars made with 85% or more cocoa. You can probably find them at your local grocer. But you can buy 100% cocoa powder almost anywhere. Try putting a tablespoon of it in a smoothie for a healthy dessert.

4. Sunflower Seeds: Selenium and folic acid give these tiny seeds major anti-cancer power. We’ve told you before that low selenium levels can triple your overall cancer risk. Combining it with folic acid boosts its cancer-fighting effect.

A study found people with high levels of selenium and folic acid reduced their risk of colon cancer. This wasn’t the case for participants who had low levels of one or the other.5 And it only takes a handful of these seeds to get this defense.6,7

5. Chicken: Forget the science experiments you’ll find in value packs at the supermarket… We’re talking about the real thing…pasture-raised chicken. It’s rich in vitamin B3. You know it helps inflammation. And it stops cancer from growing.

About a half-cup of it will give you a good dose of vitamin B3.8,9 And you may want to spice it up with cayenne pepper or paprika. These spices have a protective effect against colon cancer.

Try to eat these foods every day…especially if you’re over 50. This demographic makes up 90% of colon cancer cases.10

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Doctors say your colon cancer risk goes up just by getting older... That may be true. But eating these five foods may help prevent it altogether.