Facing breast cancer can be enough of a battle. But this useless therapy may be wasting more than time and money. It could be putting your health at greater risk.

Useless Breast Cancer Therapy Puts Your Health at Risk

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You know the dangers of mainstream breast cancer treatments. And the evidence just keeps piling up…

A 2004 study found radiation therapy to be useless. About 77% of women over 70 received it for early-stage breast cancer. Yet it didn’t improve survival rates. It didn’t even lower 5-year recurrence rates. This means it did nothing to prevent the cancer from coming back.1

Over a decade later, a new study reveals not much is different.

This time researchers looked at 40,583 women over 70. They all had a lumpectomy to remove a breast tumor between 2000 and 2009.

For the first part of their study, they looked at data from 2000 to 2004. This is before the original study on radiation therapy was published. They found 69% of women with breast cancer received some form of it during these years.

For the second part of the study, they examined the numbers from 2005 to 2009. And despite the results of the original study, 62% of women still got radiation therapy for breast cancer during these years.2 Even though research showed it to have no benefit.

Radiation therapy isn’t just unnecessary. It’s also extremely expensive. But of course the real problem is how dangerous it is.

The American Cancer Society itself admits this therapy puts your health at risk. The effects go beyond skin irritation and dryness. It damages the healthy cells in the surrounding area of the cancer. This may harm your skin. It may also put your heart and lungs in danger. Radiation therapy also puts you at risk for developing a secondary cancer.3

These are just the immediate side effects.

There are also late side effects. These develop months or years after your therapy. Some include cataracts, heart disease, infertility, lung problems, memory loss, and thyroid disorders. One of the other main late side effects is osteoporosis. This is something most women in the study may have already been at risk for…4 This therapy may have only added to their problems.

And this is what your doctor might call a “solution.”

Breast cancer is on the rise. All the pink ribbons in the world won’t help you or a loved one prevent it. But there are natural ways to help avoid it.

The first step is to get more vitamin D3 in your diet. It may lower your breast cancer risk by over 50%.5 You can get it from wild-caught salmon. Studies show two portions of it a week can help reduce your risk by 14%. Organic mushrooms are another good source. You can also try adding more lycopene from foods like tomato. But there are other ways to help prevent—even beat—cancer.

During our research, we came across several success stories from one natural treatment.

For example, Carol R., a retired schoolteacher. Carol’s breast cancer diagnosis came in 2009. Mainstream treatments scared her. So she went to a specialized health facility in Wichita, Kansas for an alternative therapy.

Now she says, “Not only is the cancer gone from the inside, everything has improved…head to toe…skin, nails, hair, teeth, eyes…everything. I feel stronger than I did 20 years ago—which is amazing because I thought I was healthy then!”

For details on Carol’s treatment and others who’ve tried it, go HERE.

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