It’s a common vitamin crucial to your health. And new research shows that getting enough of it may help keep you from developing aggressive prostate cancer.

This Critical Vitamin May Lower Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

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In most cases, prostate cancer isn’t that big of a threat. It has one of the highest survival rates of any cancers. Some patients simply take a “wait and see” approach without any formal treatment. But if the cancer starts spreading, it’s a different story.

Researchers at Northwestern University studied a group of over 500 men. They found that men with low levels of a certain vitamin were at greater risk for prostate cancer. In fact, the group with the least amount in their blood was up to 3.66 times more likely to develop prostate cancer.1 But that’s not the worst of it.

This form of prostate cancer was very aggressive. It’s the type of cancer that spreads to other parts of the body. This includes your organs. And if you’re African-American, you’re at even greater risk.

African-American men in the study had lower levels of this vitamin. They were nearly five times more at risk for developing aggressive prostate cancer. Even the highest levels among African American men were about 60% lower than the other men in the study.2

But researchers think they may know why.

The sun is our main source of vitamin D. After all, it’s called the sunshine vitamin. But how much vitamin D you absorb from the sun depends on your skin color. Darker pigmentations have a harder time getting the vitamin from sunlight than lighter ones. It takes more exposure to get the same benefits.3 But sunlight isn’t the only way to bring up your vitamin D levels.

You can add more to your diet by eating grass-fed beef liver and wild-caught salmon. You’ll also find good amounts of vitamin D in pastured egg yolks and organic mushrooms. But your best bet may be to find a quality, natural vitamin D supplement. Look for vitamin D3—it’s the most potent form of the vitamin. Aim for a serving of about 5,000 IU each day.

About one out of every seven men will face prostate cancer in their lifetime. It’s true that there’s a 94% survival rate up to 15 years after diagnosis. But some forms are aggressive—and deadly.4 Don’t risk your life by playing the odds. Instead, do everything in your power to lower your risk. Adding more natural vitamin D to your diet may help you avoid a deadly diagnosis.

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