The bark of this legendary tree may help win the cancer battle naturally.

Can This Exotic Tree Help Conquer Cancer?

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There’s an ancient tree that grows wild throughout South America. Medicinal uses of its legendary bark first surfaced in 1873. But native healers have used it to treat fever, ulcers, and inflammation. Its most impressive power? It may help fight off cancer.1

The Spanish call it the lapacho tree. You may know it as Pau d’arco.

It’s extremely resistant to disease, rot, and decay. Pau d’arco’s resilient outer wood acts like a shield to protect the precious bark within. Due to high demand, it’s in danger of going extinct.2 And it’s easy to see why…

Stopping an aggressive cancer from spreading may be the first step in defeating it. And numerous studies demonstrate the potent anti-cancer properties of this tree.

Lapachol is one of the main compounds in Pau d’arco bark. It may cause changes in the protein profile of cancer cells and prevent metastasis.3 Another study found that a similar compound in Pau d’arco—beta-lapachone—can slow the progression and spread of human liver cancer cells.4

Slowing the spread and growth of cancer is impressive enough… But that’s just one way it may help.

Research shows that beta-lapachone can also stop the progression of lung cancer…by causing the cancerous cells to kill themselves.5 Another study found that beta-lapachone caused cytotoxicity in leukemia cells. It’s like sending poison into your cancer cells.6 This wonder tree also contains quercetin—a compound with antitumor properties that may keep cancer from developing in the first place.7

Pau d’arco is easy to find as a supplement—for now. But be careful…

Some supplement companies try to get away with making cheap knockoffs. They’ll sell you a blend of barks from similar trees and tell you it’s the genuine article.8 To make matters worse, Big Pharma already has a synthetic form of Pau d’arco compounds in testing.9 Imagine the side effects it might come with…if it ever makes it to market, that is. They might just sit on their patent to keep it out of your hands.

Between extinction and patent laws, it may only be a matter of time before this natural solution is no longer an option. But if you can track down the real thing, you’ll want to get it fast.

You can find genuine Pau d’arco supplements and tea online. You may even come across a liquid extract. But if it doesn’t come from the inner bark, don’t waste your money. Most companies that have quality Pau d’arco bark will brag about using premium inner bark. If this isn’t explicit on the bottle, find a different one.

But Pau d’arco isn’t the only answer. There are other effective, natural solutions for fighting cancer.

Deep in the Austrian Alps, a thawing glacier has uncovered a medical secret hidden since before the pyramids of Egypt.

Today, a medicine developed from this discovery is the most popular natural cancer treatment in the world. Dr. Georges Halpern, a UCLA researcher, calls it a “major anti-cancer agent”, and “effective in treating many kinds of cancer.”

In human trials, this plant-like organism boosted the blood cells that can kill cancer by 547%. Go here for more details.

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