Papaya leaf extract kills cancer cells and leaves healthy cells unharmed. Papaya leaf extract works better than chemotherapy.

A Tropical Fruit That Keeps Cancer at Bay

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There’s promising new research on the cancer front. Researchers in Japan have found a fruit extract that stops tumors from growing.

University of Florida’s Dr. Nam Dang and his team studied the effects of this extract on 10 different types of cancers including cervical, breast, liver, lung, and pancreatic.1 The fruit extract slowed tumor growth in all cancer forms.

But the best part…the extract left the healthy cells intact. It actually stimulated the production of cytokins. Cytokins are cell-signaling proteins that help regulate the immune system. Simply put—they help protect the healthy cells.

That’s definitely not the same results you get with chemotherapy. Chemo kills healthy cells. It even causes cancer.

“Nobody who takes this extract experiences demonstrable toxicity; it seems like you could take it for a long time—as long as it is effective,” said Dr. Dang.

Nature’s new chemo is none other than…

The tropical papaya leaf extract.

Papaya is native to Central America and grows in tropical climates. It contains the active enzyme papain.3 And it is a rich source of antioxidants that help a variety of ailments.

But this latest cancer research blows everything else we knew about it completely out of the water. It’s not better than conventional treatments simply because it’s non-toxic. It actually is proving more effective.

A study out of Malaysia studied papaya leaf extract’s effects on hypoxic cancer cells.4 These are cells that have been deprived of oxygen and are more resistant to radiation and chemotherapy. Researchers treated the cancer cells with various concentrations of the papaya extract.

Once again, papaya killed cancer cells. The extract halted the growth of hypoxic cancer cells. Something chemo can’t even do.

Researchers still need to conduct human trials. But in the meantime, you should still add some to your diet. And the experts agree…

Bharat B. Aggarwal, a researcher at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Houston feels papaya is already worthy to add into his diet regimen.5 He enjoys a serving of the fruit daily.

You can buy papaya at your local grocer. But if you want a higher concentration of papain, take it as a supplement. You can find papaya leaf extract at any health food store.

With its luscious taste and over 80 nutrients, this is a fruit you should regularly enjoy. And one that just may keep you cancer free.

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