Plant Extract Boosts Brain Speed

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There’s good news if you want to regain lost memories and hold onto the ones you still have. A body of research now shows an extract from the periwinkle plant can improve memory and boost brain function.

Dr. Marios Kyriazis has recently looked at the newest evidence. He’s a Royal College of Physicians graduate and anti-aging advisor to the British Longevity Society.

“Non-clinical and clinical studies (show it is) beneficial,” he says.

Dr. Kyriazis says that extract works to protect and activate the brain in three distinct ways, all of which are backed by scientific studies.

It’s welcome news…because our brains could use some additional support. We live in an era of information overload with smart phones, tablets and laptops calling for our constant attention.

Multi-tasking is at an all-time high and modern day stressors are only zapping your neurons instead of generating them. That’s what makes a remedy like this an essential addition to your supplement stock.

2 Doctors Offer 3 Benefits

The extract from the periwinkle plant is called vinpocetine. It helps the brain function at a higher level in many ways. And Dr. Kyriazis isn’t the only one to note its positive effects.

One study followed 12 healthy women who took vinpocetine for just three days. Their memory was significantly better following treatment compared to placebo.

Dr. Mark A. McDaniel from the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico conducted another study on vinpocetine to see if it was indeed a memory cure.

“Vinpocetine increases blood circulation and metabolism in the brain,” he says.

So that’s one way it works to benefit your brain…but there’s two more, which are just as vital.

Vinpocetine also protects the inside lining of the arteries in the brain. And it helps regulate neurotransmitters and other brain components that keep it firing at a quick pace.

Clinical Trials Show Positive Results

Clinical studies on human patients continue to show that vinpocetine is a promising remedy for adults with memory problems.

“Vinpocetine remains one of the best and easily available nootropics (so called ‘brain boosters’),” says Dr. Kyriazis.

It’s used as a drug in Eastern Europe for age-related memory impairment. It’s now being researched for both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer ‘s disease.

Doctors say you should start with 2-5 mg a day. Some people can be sensitive to it and you may notice your color perception sharpens. If that dose is tolerable, you can increase up to 10-40 mg a day, but slight dizziness could occur at a high dose. No serious side effects have ever been reported.

Vinpocetine can be found online or at a local health store. It’s most commonly available in tablet form.

We’ll continue to look for the best ways to protect and enhance your brain. And we’ll update you when we come across anymore new research.

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Michael Jelinek,
Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”